Holiday Gift Guide for Women – 2021

  1. Eye Massager – Every single person should have one of these.. whether you get migraines or not, this massager is fantastic and totally relaxes your eyes and reduces the pressure. I’ve had it for a couple years now and still love it and us it often.
  2. Poppy Lane + Co Bracelets – I wear so many things from here! All of their jewelry is gold, silver or rose gold filled and won’t tarnish. They gave me an early Black Friday code: TARA30 for 30% off anything on their site.
  3. Hair Towels – These are the ultimate spa feeling gift, and something they’ll use daily I bet. They dry hair so quickly and without a clunky towel on top of your head..
  4. Red Aspen – There are sooo many Red Aspen products I seriously love! I fell in love with R.A. because of the nail dashes, but I have since madly fallen in love with their eyeshadow palettes. I use the fulfilled artistry palette every single day! Your beauty guru will definitely want nail dashes + brush on glue, though. They also recently dropped their tanning line, it’s made with the cleanest ingredients and smells amazing. The tanning drops do take a couple applications before you see the results you’re wanting but it’s worth it!!
  5. Stanley IceFlow Series – We fill these up with ice before we head to the airport, and then fill with water once we get through security. Love these for traveling because they don’t spill. The 20 oz and 30 oz fit the best in cupholders. Honestly, I love my 40 oz, but for on the go these are the best.
  6. Kindle + Case – it’s like a requirement a homebody needs a snuggly blanket and a kindle with a good cover. There’s nothing better than a good book. I really love the Oasis, but the Paperwhite is great too. I prefer reading on the kindle vs. my iPad.
  7. AirPod Pros – The noise cancellation of these are heavenly when you’re trying to focus, listen to a good podcast or book. I love popping these in and cleaning. Of course, they’re also great for working out.
  8. Andar AirPod Case – Unless you’ve got a Pennie, this leather case will protect your AirPods from anything! Code TARA20 will save you extra! 🙂
  9. Doc Martens – These boots are the cutest.. still crushing on them years later!
  10. Dyson Airwrap – I know it’s spendy, but… If I could only buy one hair tool ever, it would be this one. It replaces a bunch of them!
  11. Olaplex Hair Care System – This stuff is the absolute best for keeping hair healthy.. I use the whole system!!
  12. Tommy John Bra – This is the bra I’ve swapped alllllll of my bras over to. It’s amazing. Try my code: TARA25, it comes on and off..
  13. Levi Wedgies – yup, I bet you knew these would be on here. I’m madly in love with these pants. Size up 1-2 sizes.
  14. Digital Picture Frame – This is one of the best gifts we’ve ever given, and one of my favorite things I own! Its so fun not having to take down picture frames, replace pictures, repeat… or beg family for update pics!
  15. All Weather Bangles – These are the cute bangles you always see me wearing!! They don’t make noise and never lose their color.
  16. Clhei Wallet – This wallet is made in Hawaii… It’s the best quality and I love the size. The cross body and laptop case are also some of my faves. Code TARA35 gets you their Black Friday promo way early!!
  17. Apple Watch – One thing I totally couldn’t live without, I love my Apple Watch! I have a whole blog post of accessories HERE.
  18. Watch Band – When I tried the knock-off version they either didn’t hold well or tarnished/lost color very quickly. I know it’s a little spendy, but I really love this one + I definitely think it’s worth it over buying multiple of the knock-off versions. I’ve had it for nearly 4 years now and it’s still in tip top shape. Incredible, right?!!
  19. Loopy Phone Case – I’ve been using loopy cases since 2014 I think.. I have never cracked a phone screen using this case, and I really never drop my phone haha. The loop comes in way handy. If you get this, you’ll also want to get the car mount… you can find it in THIS blog post.
  20. Theragun – we have this and take it everywhere.. it’s the best. Post workout, sore muscles, back aches, you name it.
  21. Cuticle Oil – This stuff is the best. I apply every time I do my nails, plus some in between. It’s spendy, but a little bit goes a LONG way. It lasts forever.
  22. Fleece Jacket – I have this jacket in 3 colors, it’s my favorite fleece jacket!! It’s super warm + cozy.
  23. Birkenstocks – the soft footbed birks are the best, they come feeling already broke in. If you get them at backcountry be sure to use code: TARABC15
  24. Sols – These leather shoes are among my favorites. They’re sooooo dang cute + comfortable. My code: TARA10 works on anything on their site!
  25. Goosebumps Blanket – I’ve taken this anywhere from LA to Thailand, we all took ours to Mexico, you name it.. If we’ve gone, the blanket has probably gone too. They’re just enough blanket… super stretchy and snuggly, but they fold up soooo small and fit in any suitcase or travel on. I love the large size. Code: TARA will save you 15%.
  26. Nesting Olive Robe – I used to think my grandma was crazy for loving housecoats.. I get it now. I love these nesting olive robes! I have a bunch of different colors. My link will save you 10% 🙂
  27. Barefoot Dreams Robe – this is the softest, comfiest robe ever… but it is hot. Soooo, that’s preference.
  28. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – These are really worth the hype. The ultimate snuggly blanket for your favorite lady. No one has perfected the dupe yet.
  29. Barefoot Dreams Socks – does anyone actually dislike fuzzy socks??? These are the best ones.
  30. Alexa – I love having Alexa at home. I just drop in frequently and check on what’s happening. We have video off in the bedrooms but I can wake up the kids this way and chit chat with the boys when I’m dropping the girls off at school. I will warn ya, she’s helped Dash cheat on homework before.
  31. Tassi – this is the ultimate for washing your face or doing your makeup without getting your hair all through it.
  32. MZ Wallace Bags – these are my two current faves: Medium Metro Tote Deluxe + Metro Crossbody.. the deluxe will attach to luggage.
  33. UltraBoosts – hands down my favorite sneaker of all time. Size down 1/2 size, they run a little big.
  34. Equilibria – This has totally changed my life… Not that I think being a homebody is bad, but for me I tucked myself away at home to cope with some of my anxiety! Three months of using equilibria and I’m totally kicking my anxiety to the curb. Just an idea if you know someone who struggles with this and doesn’t love leaving their home. My code: TARATHUESON will save you 15% on their site on top of their discounted prices.
  35. Tobiq Duffle – I have showed this a few times, this sectioned duffle is the absolute best. I can fit a whole weekend+ of clothes in one section, my makeup bag in another, and still have two for whatever else I may need OR to pack for the kids. It’s awesome. They upped my Code TARA to 20% for gift guides!! 🙂
  36. LuluLemon Fanny Pack – this is one of my favorite things ever! It’s great if you’re out running errands, running, walking, at theme parks, you name it! They just came out with the cutest fleece one!!
  37. Laneige Lip Mask – Say bye, bye forever to dry lips.. This stuff is the best. I put it on every single night and in the morning my lips are still nice and moisturized. It’s a little expensive for how much you get, but it’s on sale here on amazon + it will last you for soooo long.