Our Current Fave Apple Products + Accessories

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that I’m an absolute apple geek! Haha. I love all of their products. From watches to computers, it’s all I use besides a kindle here and there you’ll see around my house. But, I also get asked ALL of the time what accessories I use with them!


Dress | Dress (similar) | Sandals | Phone

I have the iPhone 11. I was considering getting the 12… but at this point we are so dang close to the 13 I think I’ll just wait.

Pull-Over | iPhone | Phone Case (TARA10)

I think it goes without saying that the phone case I use is Loopy, without a doubt. I have changed up my Loopy’s, but have never used anything else since 2014! haha. I recently did try a similar case I saw from some influencer friends and I just did not like it. My Loopy code is always good… it’s TARA10 for one, or TARA15 on multiple!

These are the screen protectors we use! I used to take my phone to the mall and have them put on.. but it took so much time and was way more expensive.

As for chargers, wireless, wired, solar.. etc. haha. Here is what we use:

  • Wall block – basically instead of plugging in to the blocks that come with your phone this is what we use. It charges phones and laptops super quickly, which is needed for us since we are on the go lots! We all have one. You bet braun’s is labeled. Should I link the sharpies too?? hahaha. Here’s the iPhone 12 version!
  • Wireless charger – We also have multiple of these for phones.. They’re the best. I’ve tried MANY of them, this one just seems to do the trick. I had to go on the hunt after the white one I used to love failed me.. Anker is always the way to go. Super reliable. I’ll share a picture of it below.
  • Multiple item charger – this is the best for traveling!! Its one super fast charging block that does 4 things at once! It also has the USB-C chargers for newer apple/android products
  • Solar charger – These are perfect for camping, backpacking, you name it. Yes, we have a charger type for every situation. It’s all fine. Everything is fine.
  • Car charger – This one works in all vehicles! It’s got the regular USB end and USB-C… Comes with a cord, too!

This is that wireless charger. See it??? Waaaay up there teeny tiny in the left hand corner. Amazing, right!?!? It’s a literal powerhouse for how small it is. This is the case it’s in. This is the big charger that you see in it! It comes with this charger + a cord! I charge my laptop, iPad + the kids’ Nintendo switches on it when we are on the go. It’s a little expensive but works super well.

Don’t forget that I have a phone accessory blog post HERE! 🙂 It’s got things like the Loopy phone mount, phone stand I love, etc!


Top | Pants | Watch | Watch Band

Top Leggings | Watch | Watch Band

I think one of my weekly top questions is which watch bands I like!! I’m going to be REALLY honest with you and tell you that I’ve tried the knock-offs to these, and the number of times they’d need to be replaced… you may as well have just bought the most expensive one to begin with…

This is the solo loop from apple. Remember I tried the stretchy version and it wasn’t great, well, because it stretched. This one stays one size.. hallelujah. However, when your wrist swells a bit in the summer or shrinks a bit in the winter, it’s kinda inconvenient. But overall, it’s been really great. I usually remain in the same climate and exercise indoor in a controlled environment so my wrist doesn’t fluctuate a ton.

Pants | Bracelet | Watch | Watch Band | Nails

This is the other watch band that I use often and I do workout in it! When I tried the knock-off version they either didn’t hold well or tarnished/lost color very quickly. I know it’s a little spendy, but I really love this one + I definitely think it’s worth it over buying multiple of the knock-off versions. I’ve had it for nearly 4 years now and it’s still in tip top shape. Incredible, right?!!

Anisten loves these watch bands! They’re super comfortable + there are so many cute options. The accessories they have are also available. TARA15 saves ya 15% off if you want to shop! 🙂

Tank Shorts

Braun has the solo loop + this green braided one! He definitely wears the solo loop the most often.

This is the braided one!! It’s super comfy, but does have a bit of a stretch to it.

This is the band that came with our watches. We both used it for a long time until we found other bands! It’s great for exercise because it’s breathable.

Laptop + Computer

Pen Holder (similar) | Pen Holder (similar) | Red Aspen Nails | Desktop

I have this desktop and I love the big screen! To be completely honest with you I have no idea which options I picked for this one… But, I use my laptop a majority of the time. I have the MacBook Pro 13″ with the M1 chip. The M1 is definitely the way to go if you’re buying one!! As you may know, I’ve gone through the ringers with the MacBook but I’ve had the best luck with this one (now all of you knock on wood for me, haha!). This is the on-the-go charger I have for my laptop and iPad!

I have really enjoyed these laptop cases from CLHEI! I occasionally have a code from them, but I don’t right now 🙁

Dagne + Dover have some of the most adorable backpacks + totes for laptop travel bags! They’re super spacious and definitely hold all the work gear you’ll need – but they come in 3 sizes!


I have the iPad Pro, and the Apple case with the magic keyboard trackpad (like the one in the photo!) I also have the Apple Pencil. I have the 12.9″ iPad and to be completely honest with you, I wish I would’ve gotten the smaller one… It is basically the size of my laptop but has apps.. so it’s not really any more handy size wise, and because it’s the mobile version of everything sometimes it limits what I need to do. This is the on-the-go charger I have for my laptop and iPad!


We alllll love AirPods!! It’s still a great debate on which is the best haha.

Andar makes a great case for them! Code: TARA20 will save you 20%!

Other Random Things

To organize the one billion cords around the house we use these weighted organizer clips!!

I have these clips on the back of my nightstand for the couple of cords I have! I love that there’s no mess or tangle of cords on there and it looks clean!!

These screen wipes we use on all devices!!

I did a blog post HERE on some of my favorite organizers!! I’ll link them below, but here’s the whole blog post 🙂


This accessories blog post has a ton more things that we use!

Whewwwww, hope that helps answer some questions!! As always, if you have ANY questions feel free to ask! I’ll add anything else here that I can 🙂