Tech Tuesday: Cell Phone Accessories

You guys have seen my small obsession with Loopy Cases day in and day out.. it’s literally the only phone case I use, and yes.. I have almost every single one of them. I’d have to check the site, but it’s very possible I have them all haha! I’m not sure how long exactly it’s been, but.. here are a few “loopy along the way” photos starting with this gem from 2018! You can use code TARA10 on one, or TARA15 on multiple cases on Loopy’s website.

July 2018
May 2019
May 2020
May 2021

What I love the most about these cases is that I can hold approximately 5 million things plus my phone. You know those mom moments when your kids just all start handing you things to hold at the same time? THAT is the exact moment I’m talking about here.. and with 4 kids, it happens more often than not. Aside from those moments, I feel like I wear clothes without pockets way too often to not have this case or just run quick errands and don’t need to bring a whole bag just to carry my phone.

I’ve also never cracked my actual iPhone screen using one of these…which is a freaking miracle because it gets tossed around between a couple of rowdy boys to use from time to time to keep them entertained. If you want to snag a Loopy – use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple.

Lots of you ask what I do to protect the front of my screen.. I used to spend hours going to the mall to have them install the tempered glass screen.. I didn’t really have time for that so I found these ones on Amazon. They are the top rated and have over 15K five star reviews. They take about 5 minutes to put on and it’s super easy. They come in a pack of three, so if you mess up or one breaks you’ll have extras.

Sometimes though, Loopy makes things a little weird. That loop that hangs off the back does not lay flush, therefore it cannot lay flay to charge. So you either have to plug it in or remove the case for a wireless charging station. We use this one and LOVE it. It charges our iPhones, Apple Watches, Apple Pencil and ear pods all at once and helps keep the cords from being a tangled mess. It’s pretty highly rated and is 30% off right now when you clip the coupon! I don’t worry about taking my case off with this because it has a little lip on it so your phone won’t slide off. Oh, and on the go I use this portable charger.

Charging Station

Portable Charger

Another gadget I have is this phone stand.. I have a few at home plus one in St. George. It’s how I record all of my stories. It’s $10 off today.


This… This is why you’re really here though. I finally found a car mount that works WITH the Loopy case ON! I promise you it is not exaggerated when I tell you I’ve tried at least 10 other car mounts for my vehicles to try to use with the loopy on. Nothing ever worked. Because of the loop, it has to be something that offered a bit of clearance room vs. sitting flush against the phone. Well, Nite Ize Steelie Mounts actually freaking work! make sure you order the orbiter version!

There is an option for seriously every vehicle.. dash, windshield or vent PLUS 5 different types per option..GET THE ORBITER TYPE!! I got the vent one because of the way my dash is, but you don’t have to choose that option. The one that works the best with the Loopy is the orbiter. It’s got a Steelie magnet that attaches to your phone, so it’s super strong. It gives just enough clearance so that it works perfectly with the Loopy case. I taped the magnet to the inside of my phone case.. one side is sticky, but I change my phone case too much to commit to that. Doing that weakens the magnet a tiny bit but it is still plenty strong enough to hold my phone!

I’ve tested this for a bit now just to make sure it truly does work well and the magnets don’t lose their strength, or the vent clips break, etc.. it really has been amazing and I’m so happy to have finally found something that works!