I know a good dress when I see one… Saw this one online at Walmart and immediately knew I had to have it… in both colors!!

This dress is a new Free Assembly arrival at Walmart! It’s a thicker material and it’ll for sure be a fall staple. It’s super comfortable and I love the sleeve length and the overall dress length. It does have slits on both sides, but they don’t go up super far!

Stay true to size, this is a small! They have this dress in a XS-XXXL!

My shoes are Shop Sols, Ana style! They’re genuine leather and handmade. The quality is fantastic. I have them in multiple colors! My code there is: TARATHUESON

This iridescent loopy case is definitely my favorite they’ve launched ever! You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks.