Gooey Caramel Corn Recipe

Revealing all my secrets for the yummiest, gooey-est, caramel corn ever.. I shared a couple of pictures of this yummy caramel corn when I shared about the launch of the new Our Place Perfect Pot and you guys have been begging me to post the recipe. November was absolutely insane – so I’m just getting around to it.. so sorry guys! If you have any holiday parties coming up this would be perfect to bring, I would just add red, green and white sprinkles (or maybe even the snowflake ones)!!

Perfect Pot | Geometry Towels (Code TARA) | Butterfly Tee

Step One:

Popcorn | Waxed Paper

It’s the prep step.. You’ll have to pop three bags of microwave popcorn. I prefer plain or lightly salted (hello sweet and salty!) and then you’ll need to lay it out in a single layer on a couple of sheet pans lined with wax paper. Don’t forget the wax paper… trust me on this, you’ll totally regret when you’ve gotta wash the sticky mess instead of throw it away haha.

Step Two:

Perfect Pot | Geometry Towels (Code TARA) | Butterfly Tee | Jeans (size up 1-2 sizes) | Bracelets

This is where it starts to get messy! Combine the butter, brown sugar + corn syrup in a large pot over medium heat.. You’ll probably prefer a really good non-stick pot like the Perfect Pot (if there’s no deals going on.. try code TARATHUESON) because it makes it so dang easy for clean up after. I could talk to you for days about this pot and why I love it, but you can find that info HERE. Walmart also has a large selection that are less expensive. Once the butter is melted and your mixture is smooth, increase to medium high heat and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring CONSTANTLY. It should turn darker in color at this point.

Step Three:

Condensed Milk | Perfect Pot | Wooden Salt Dish | Geometry Towels (Code TARA)

Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the condensed milk, salt and vanilla extract. Stir until your mixture is smooth… then it’s time to pour it over your popcorn! 🙂

Step Four:

Popcorn | Perfect Pot | Waxed Paper | Bracelets | Butterfly Tee | Jeans (size up 1-2 sizes)

Pour over popcorn and mix to evenly coat it… after that – you’re done!! I like to put mine back in the Perfect Pot to serve it because 1) it’s way easy to wash + 2) they come in so many cute colors they’re great for serving dishes too.

Perfect Pot | Geometry Towels (Code TARA) | Butterfly Tee