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You guys know how much I love a good trip… It took me years and years, and many product-fails to find my favorite travel items! I put almost all of my tried-and-true products here, hopefully these are helpful if you plan on traveling this winter or have something fun planned for the upcoming summer!


My Sweatshirt | My Joggers | My Sneakers | MZ Wallace Bag | B’s Pants | B’s Sneakers | B’s Jacket | B’s T-Shirt | Suitcase

These are some of our favorite suitcases. We probably tested 20 others at this point, it was so hard to find one that we absolutely loved… These ARE expensive. I won’t lie. I fought Braun so hard on these suitcases BUT, they’ve been 110% worth it. They come with a lifetime warranty. I’ve had mine for 6-7 years at this point… Airlines are HARD on luggage, just recently they broke a dang wheel off mine and they totally swapped it out free of cost for me. It was awesome. My MZ bag fits perfectly on top and doesn’t tip it over. It glides like a dream. I do not like buying luggage but good luggage makes the world of a difference. It also has a few organizational things inside of it, I like how I can slip my laptop inside the front pocket easily so I can grab it quickly and it straps your stuff down so everything stays in place with the airlines are throwing it around. Also have customizable TSA locks too! They have multiple sizes and colors.. I’ll link them below.

Carry on or Personal Item Favorites:

Sweatshirt | Joggers | Sneakers | MZ Wallace Bag

You guys know that I’m mad in love with my MZ Wallace bag. My all-time favorite is my medium metro tote deluxe. It has a ton of organizational pockets plus a sleeve on the outside to slide over your rolling carry on bag (works perfect with the TUMI 😉 )! It’s so nice when you’re running through an airport and you don’t have to have a tote bag or backpack flapping around on your body.. Only the deluxe version has the sleeve, so if you’re looking at the medium metro vs. the medium metro deluxe – I suggest the splurge to the deluxe for sure. There’s a few other MZ Wallace bags that I love… I’ll link them all below. Tap any of the pictures below to shop.

Here are the carry on luggage options we like, it’s the same as the suitcase brand above 🙂 :

Toiletry/organizational bags:

Cord Organizer

Cords… we travel with approximately 7 billion of them because Braun and I always end up working while we are away. It’s the inevitable, and totally fine, buuuuut it comes with a lot of extra baggage, literally. This cord organizer by Native Union is the best of the best. Braun and I each have our own. It would make a killer gift for any tech junkie out there!! See the organizational masterpiece below. Plus the material on the outside just feels really nice. It’s coated in something and would wipe down so well.

Toiletry Bag

Bet you can tell by the tag on the front who this belongs to.. haha. Braun clearly loves their stuff so much. He’s slowly converted all of his stuff to theirs. He even bought the toiletry bag. It’s all the things I’ve talked about above pluuuuuus it has an antibacterial lining… like, what?!?!? Who thinks of that?? It sits up on its own or you can hang it somewhere. Braun always leaves it packed and under his sink for when he has to travel for work.

I don’t have a picture of the medium size backpack by Dagne + Dover but it’s on sale here and I much prefer it over the small one pictured! 🙂 It holds so much stuff and because it’s neoprene, it’s soooo dang light. The dune and the heather gray color is perfect. This set is a perfect weekender bag and slips over a carry on bag it has the cute toiletry bag included. I also have and love their toiletry bag… there are a ton of color options at Nordstrom! It fits ALL of the things. All of them are water resistant!!

Here are some other favorites:

Comfy travel outfits:

Traveling in anything but comfort is not allowed in the Thueson family. I’ll link a couple of my favorite travel outfits below!

Sweatshirt | Joggers | Sneakers | MZ Wallace Bag

This is what I wore on the way to Bora Bora and you guys asked me sooo many times what it was. It’s Vuori brand and I got it at Nordstrom! 🙂 I was introduced to this brand in 2020 and immediately fell in love. The quality is amazing and both Braun and I wear a bunch of their stuff. This zip-up sweatshirt and jogger set was so comfortable the whole 24 hours I was in the air.. I cannot imagine doing that in jeans! haha. These sneakers are beach/speckle color APL TechLooms. They’re incredibly comfortable. I feel like I’m cheating on my Ultraboosts, but I truly love these too!! For a full day of walking or when I run, I definitely prefer my Ultraboosts but these are good and lightweight and take up minimal space in a suitcase.

Pants | Sneakers | Jacket | T-Shirt

Braun loves these pants! If he is flying stateside, he will travel in jeans and I am like HOW?! I don’t know if I believe him that these are comfy enough to sit on a 6 hour flight in, but he never complained. Nikes are our whole family’s go-to for the most part. Braun and the girls all have some form of low-rise Nikes. These are Nike Blazers, and Braun has them in a few colors. Can you guess the other color he has?? Black?? Yep, you got it. He also has the mids in black. The picture does this jacket no justice.. It’s super soft and stretchy, Braun loves it for golfing and traveling.. He really loves the TravisMathew brand, he is of course wearing that same black tee you know he loves! haha.

Other favorites:

There are just those things I would carry with me no matter where I was in the world… good lotion, my favorite perfume and the best sunscreen. I do have a blog post with all of my favorite beauty items here… but here are the three I always have with me!

Sweatshirt | Joggers | MZ Wallace Crossbody (similar.. my print is old 🙁 )

Traveling with a big purse is not really my thing.. sometimes I pack one in my suitcase for while we are at our resort or something, but for the most part I go pretty minimalist. People can be pretty crappy, and it’s a lot easier to snag a whole big purse than it is a tiny crossbody. I also just feel more secure having my stuff as close to me as possible. Remember when Braun forgot his wallet on the plane? It was gone and thousands of dollars were spent. Now I have trust issues…Anyway, I put a crossbody like this MZ Wallace one on when we leave our house and don’t take it off until we are in our room basically..

I have two favorite MZ Wallace Crossbody bags.. the one shown is the Crosby Micro Crossbody, and it’s the smaller of the two I like. It still fits my big phone (thank gosh, I was a bit worried about that haha) and a few cards. I love the pocket on the outside for keys, and the chain detail is so cute! The other is the Metro Crossbody Bag… this one is a bit bigger and has more organization and a lot more room!!

In case you missed it, here are my favorite MZ Wallace Bags:

Kielh’s lotion is the best of the best. It locks moisture into your hands without drying them out with poor ingredients. It was a life saver in 2020… They only have it in the three pack right now.. but it will give you a couple scented options too!! Find out which one you like the best. The super salve is my fave. The sizes they will come in are TSA compliant!!

My favorite perfume is Jo Malone. I’ve used it for years! My favorite scent is nectarine + honey blossom, but there are sooo many great scents by them! I have a scent guide in THIS blog post + I highly recommend THIS TRAVEL SET if you’re new to Jo Malone!! You get their top few scents and can pick your fave from there (and maybe even gift a few this season!!). I’ll link a bunch of them below. Tap any photo to shop.

If you were here this summer, you know we discovered Supergoop!! It quickly became a favorite for the whole family, Braun included. Every sale he would ask me to stock up for his golf bag and he even bought it for all of his golf buddies. There are a few different types of supergoop. B and I do not use the same one. I really like the glow screen, and he likes the regular kind. They also have mineral sunscreen, which is great for sensitive skin. I’ll link them all up below! Tap any picture to shop supergoop products!

Nordstrom is a great option to shop from if you love mixing and matching brands in your routine. They carry a bunch of beauty items and have free shipping and returns, buy online + pick up in store or free curbside pickup (so no rummaging around a store to try to find what you want!!) as well as amazing customer service. Check out Nordstrom to see if they carry your favorite brands, I bet you’ll be surprised! They’re adding tons of stuff all the time, too!

What are your must- have travel items!? I really love knowing what other people love because, well, you know I love testing out new stuff and giving you guys reviews! Hop over to my instagram today and add your travel must-haves to the post!