Holiday Gift Guide for Boys – 2021

I’m sooooo grateful my boys would be excited with $10 worth of dollar store toys, or a bunch of boxes to make fortresses for a nerf gun war… they’re seriously so easy!! here’s a list of a bunch of their favorite items + some things they are asking for this year! 🙂

  1. Stanley IceFlow Bottles – my boys take these to school every single day. They like the 20oz the best.
  2. Tubby Todd – our favorite body wash, I even use it! haha. My link gets you 15% off.
  3. Gabb Watch – you’ve probably seen all my stories by now about the boys’ watches. These have given me a major piece of mind. Save 50% off with code: TARA
  4. Book Light – these are the cutest little reading lights that clip to their books!
  5. Pop It toys – these keep them entertained/not fidgety for awhile. heck, I even love them!
  6. Blue Light Blockers – schools are soooo much focused on working on computers now.. eye health is so important!
  7. Hoverboard – my boys LOVE these. It was so fun watching them learn it, too!
  8. Electric Scooter – makes getting outside a little more fun than a kick scooter if you’re planning on going pretty far. The boys take these when we go on bike rides sometimes.
  9. Kick Scooter – because everyone deserves to know what a scooter to the ankle feels like…… hahaha, joking. The boys really love riding these with their friends.
  10. Helmet – this one fits my boys heads really well. They don’t complain about it.
  11. Comfy PJs – these are the most buttery soft PJs out there, my boys lived in these last year.
  12. Nintendo Switch – this has been a fun purchase for the boys, it’s spendy but they love it + we all have fun with it!!
  13. Bike Ramp – this is the ramp the boys use in our driveway. They’re constantly out there building jumps!
  14. Skateboard – Jett was really into the idea of skateboarding last year!
  15. WHY Book – this is both of my boys’ favorite book. I swear I learn something new every time I read it to them, and I’ve read it a LOT. So many questions and so many answers.
  16. Picasso Tiles – My boys (and even the girls) love playing with these. They keep them occupied for hours!
  17. Puffle – this is a fun sensory toy. Think messless kinetic sand.
  18. Beddys – Want your kids to make their beds daily?? Buy these! So many cute options. We have these in almost every bed in St. George. Code: TARA works for 20% off! 🙂
  19. Gobbles – the girls were obsessed with these for a minute, then the boys took them over.
  20. Dog Man Books – Dash’s favorite series.. I can’t believe he reads them pretty much alone now.
  21. Nike Flex Runners – the only sneaker they’ll wear
  22. Ant Hill – the boys have seriously loved this.. I thought I would regret it because, EW but they have so much fun with it.
  23. Backpack Speaker – ALL of my kids have asked for this haha
  24. Nintendo Switch Case –
  25. Nintendo Switch Lite – we really love the regular switch, but its crazy sold out this year already! what the heck. the Lite is next best thing.
  26. Gaming Headphones – because I really don’t love all the noise from a bunch of games happening around me
  27. V Bucks Gift Card – Dash asks me for V Bucks allllllll the time for his game, he’s going to be stoked about this one
  28. Comfy – another thing ALL of my kids have asked for
  29. BluTrack – if you ever enter my house, I’ll bet you this is set up somewhere haha!
  30. Kiwi Co Subscription – this is the best gift to ask family for.. it comes monthly! its based on STEM methodology + it is so fun watching/helping with projects. Code: THUESON saves you 30%!
  31. Magic Tracks – these are actually super cool, the bend and can climb up things easily. This set has an RC car with it. My boys love making jumps and ramps with these + random stuff around the house
  32. Ride on Toy – like the scooters that were invented for gym classes but SO much better. No fingers getting run over here.
  33. Backpack – the boys love this one!
  34. Checkered Vans – these are among their favorite shoes.. they’re so dang picky.
  35. Tech Deck Kit – is anyone else’s kiddos really into tech deck?? this is on their wishlists.
  36. Galaxy Light – this light makes their ceiling look like the night sky and provides a night light
  37. Roller Blades – getting these for the boys!
  38. Bike Lights – it’s getting darker sooner, so we put these on the boys bikes
  39. LED lights for room – Em and Anisten put up LED lights, the boys immediately asked for them too
  40. Mini iPad + Pencil – my boys love using iPads to color.. this is a totally if you think they’re ready gift, it hurts your soul pretty bad when they smash the screen ha.
  41. Smarts + Crafts – I have a whole blog post HERE dedicated to craft things for boys, highly recommend grabbing a couple of these to do with your kiddos!!