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The Home Depot has become one of those one-stop-shops when it comes to your home. Around Mother’s Day, I was looking for a good multi-use dish that I could bake and serve in + I stumbled across the hundreds and hundreds of cute home decor items, small appliances, cookware + tableware and so much more! Let’s be honest, it’s totally not what we all know The Home Depot to be (hello construction and gardening go-to place) but I have loved shopping for kitchen decor, tableware + small appliances there recently, and right now you can shop up to 35% off select furniture, mattresses and décor through 7/13.

Food Storage Containers

As you know, it’s been a couple of years since we bought the St. George house.. and I STILL carry stuff back and forth. It’s the most annoying thing, but I have had commitment issues buying things for there (don’t ask me why because I don’t even know!!) 😂 it’s the most ridiculous thing. I saw some stuff I couldn’t pass up at The Home Depot. These food storage containers were one of them! There’s nothing worse than traveling back and forth with containers, leaving them accidentally, then missing some at home… and repeat.

Food Storage Containers | Vase | Eucalyptus Stems

They come in a few different size packs. I grabbed the 20 pack of Food Storage Containers – and the size range is awesome. That was basically a whole bag of cherries I was able to put in the medium size one.

Blender | Tall Vase | Short Vase

I’ve shared this blender with you before, but truly, I love it! The ability to blend and drink from the same cup is a magical experience… haha. Cleaning ONE thing versus a huge blender, spatula to scrape it out and a cup is life changing. It probably saves about five minutes of my life tops, but when you’re always in a morning rush – it’s a savior! I drink Clean Simple Eats out of this guy near daily. I was taking only the single serves down to St. George in a shaker bottle and it’s such a pain to remember it all. This way I can bring the whole blender down there + store it, plus a whole bag of my fave protein.

Other Useful Kitchen Gadgets:

Kitchenaid – I use this weekly, at least.. If you want to shred cooked chicken quickly — USE THIS! It’s been the best hack that I’ve discovered ha!

CUTE Cast Iron Dutch Oven + Cast Iron Pan – I grabbed these at The Home Depot around Mother’s Day for the house in St. George. They’re awesome because you can cook in them AND serve in them since they’re so adorable! The edges and knobs are gold.

Serving Tray with Utensils – I also grabbed this around Mother’s Day! The utensils nest inside of it when not in use.. it’s super cute + is awesome for charcuterie boards – Em is really into making those right now!

Ninja Grill and Air Fryer – I seriously have no idea why I don’t have a picture of this.. I’ve shared it with you guys SO many times. If you didn’t know – Braun and I traveled with his job for the first 15 years we were married every summer.. We missed a grill SO much. This was our saving grace – and we still use it WEEKLY! There’s no other way to eat leftovers than in this.. Plus, it’s nice to have an all-in-one type of machine so you don’t have to store 5 different appliances.

Dinnerware Set – this was a really cute, plain + inexpensive option for our house in St. George! It washes up awesome in the dishwasher and didn’t stain – even with spaghetti sauce.

Flatware – usually copper/gold flatware is SO darn expensive. The Home Depot has this set that is for 4 people for $2.85 per piece! It also comes in matte black.

Frother – I couldn’t drink my perk without this thing! Another item I use probably near daily in my kitchen.

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Tall Vase | Short Vase | Eucalyptus Stems (similar)

Remember that Sunday the boys broke the one rule they’ve had around in their lives basically since they could walk?? Don’t throw balls in the house… Well… As I was repeating myself for the seven-hundredth-millionth time, a ball hit all of our extra large framed and printed family photos and everything my mantle came crashing down. Slowly I’ve been replacing thing and putting them back out starting with these way cute vases! They both have awesome textures and colors. The taller white one is like a matte finish with little gray speckles throughout. It’s really mute and adorable. The other gray and white vase is a matte finish, but it’s the natural white color and no speckles!

Home Decor Items from The Home Depot:

Mirrors – these mirrors are SO similar to the ones we put in our downstairs bathroom!

Woven Blankets – I ordered this cream one (color: parchment) for pickup in St. George and will grab it the next time we go down there. They come up to king size and even in that size still drape to nearly the floor which is RARE for these type of blankets

Fiddle Leaf Fig – but make it look real?!?! Yes please… as you know, I yarded out my snake plants that were failing to thrive and you basically don’t see any green in my house anymore and it’s kinda sad to still see those empty planters! This might just be a perfect option in my living room!

Green Vase – I love this cute little green vase! Thinking about grabbing it for my mantle.

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