Moji Air II

Name something that is cute + works well 100% of the time?? I feel like that’s hard to find these days. 

Moji just keeps getting better + better. They updated to the AirMoji IIa little while back but I haven’t posted about them on here much yet. I updated the old blog post, but I’m not sure if I’ve shared it lately. I just swapped out my scents and thought of it!! HERE it is if you want ALL the details. 

It runs on AIR and internal fans! No burners, hot wax, or danger. They run for about 50 hours before needing to be recharged based on your chosen app settings. Yep!! App!! You can completely control the fan speed, how often it’s on + a schedule for your AirMoji II. Amazing, right??

They’ve got some amazing scents that have launched recently. Their summer seasonals are: aloha sunrise + island coconut!

I have them in lots of nooks all over my house, hidden behind picture frames, etc!! 🙂