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A couple years ago as Braun and I were walking through the Parade of Homes in Southern Utah, I could not get over how good the homes smelled! Each home smelled better than the last and I was searching everywhere to find what these magical scents were!

3-4 houses in and I found a table in the garage of the home we were in and they had these diffuser things sitting out that I had been looking at the entire time but they were so sleek and amazing, I didn’t even realize they weren’t part of the decor!

I FINALLLLLYYY HAVE A CODE WITH THEM! Use code TARA10 on every single order!!

Since then, Moji has evolved in so many ways!

Here are some of the differences in the Moji when I started using and sharing, and now!

Safe & Simple

See what I mean? Simple, clean lines, and some of the most amazing scents. I immediately stocked up and have been keeping my supply up by stocking up every time a new scent came out, when they have restocked, and all holiday sales!

One of the main reasons I love them (aside from their amazing smell) is their safety. No flame, no heat, no wax, and non-toxic. Their products are kid-safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. Their devices are designed with a focus on safety and their fragrances and essential oils are delivered in pods which make installing or switching scents a breeze!

How Do They Work?

Everything comes in a pod. Whether you’re using a fragrance or essential oil pod, simply peel off the label, insert the pod with the pre-saturated wood fiber core, and start smelling. No difficult delivery, messy and timely changeover, or potential for liquid spills or “waxidents” haha. It’s also pretty kid-proof – I can’t even tell you how much I DON’T want my kids messing with candles, open flames, and/or matches! MojiLife takes all the worry away!

The MojiX is the only dispenser that needs to be plugged in and is not programmable. The Airmoji is programmable and rechargeable and the M3 is also programmable and also allows you to create custom scents! The rechargeable AirMoji has a battery that lasts for over 50+ hours. You can place the device anywhere in your home and control it from anywhere!

There’s An App For That

With the MojiLife app you can set a timer to give you ultimate, customized control. Both the AirMoji and M3 from MojiLife can be controlled by the app and can be scheduled when and where you need.

I keep the AirMojis around the house as they have their own internal fan. For my cars, I keep the MiniMojis and fill them with my almost empty fragrance and essential oil pods. Since they don’t have a fan, they’re great for small spaces like your vehicles!

So toss those half-burned gingerbread-scented candles already! Your Christmas Tree is down, spring is coming, and it’s time to fill your home with some of my favorites!

My Favorites

If you’re looking for something fresh, Sweet Lemon is by far the most popular scent and also helps your house smell freshly cleaned! Here are my other favorites in no particular order:

ALOHA SUNSET + ISLAND COCONUT.. the most recent seasonal scents!!

TAHITIAN SUNSET = smells like Volcano Candle.

SUMMERTIME SERENADE = a good summery scent!

POOLSIDE = Pina Colada beach vibes

OREGON COAST = if you want that CLEAN SMELL.

BLUE = kinda smells cologne-ish. It’s their second most popular.

Seasonal Scents!

Moji came out with some new seasonal summer scents.. They both smell SO good, but I also love some of their “regular” summery scents year round.

See how seamlessly they blend in? You really could put these all over your home and no one would be the wiser!

I really love the fresh, clean smells of these and I think they have the best scent collection of all most fragrances developed by local companies! If you’re looking for something different, with smells you’re going to absolutely fall in love with, make sure you check out all of their fragrances HERE!

Smell you later!

Xx Tara

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