How to Make Money By Cleaning Out Your Closet with Poshmark

No, this post isn’t sponsored. But I do love to make money and I do love to get rid of stuff. Back before I sold Poppy & Dot, it wasn’t uncommon for me to come home with 20 new clothing pieces each week. Sometimes it was more!

And as you may have guessed, my closet quickly became overrun. I’ve given away so many clothes over the years but as my budget increased and I invested in pricier items, I didn’t just want to “give them away.” Especially the pieces I bought on a whim and wore once or twice *cringe* – I want my money’s worth! haha

If you’ve ever shopped on Poshmark, you know that it is totally a treasure trove of fashion. You can easily find items that are popular and sold out or brand new items from popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Levi’s.

But selling is where it’s at. If you have extra clothes you need to get rid of and want to make a buck, Poshmark is awesome! There are actually quite a few people that run full-time, VERY lucrative businesses on Poshmark. And what better time than now? The 1 thing I’ve learned from working from home? The possibilities of earning money are endless. And there is no reason to limit yourself to just one when you have so many opportunities available – like Poshmark!

Here are my simple steps for getting started on Poshmark.


It’s pretty clear cut:

  • Download and open the Poshmark app.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Use your phone to take pictures of the items you want to sell.
  • Write a description.
  • Check the appropriate category, size, color boxes.
  • Name your price (and the original price).
  • Push the List Item button.
  • Wait for inquiries or purchases.
  • Accept or counter any offers.
  • Once you accept an offer, print the shipping label.
  • Drop your sold item in the mail.
  • Your buyer has three days to mark the item as received or it will be marked received for them.
  • Get paid

But first…


Go through your closet. I know people have formulas for this like “get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months” but who tracks that stuff? First, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. Don’t save it if:

  • you’re waiting to lose weight
  • it has holes in it “but you just can’t let it go”
  • you’re saving it for a special occasion and never actually get to wear it
  • or if you’ve worn it only once in the past year
  • if it still has tags on it but you bought it months ago
  • if the shoes hurt your feet

I promise you, you will have PLENTY to choose from if you follow the list above!


It isn’t as simple as just snapping a pic. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room. Iron or steam your clothing and scrunch up newspaper or paper bags and put it in your shoes – this will make a world of difference in your pictures! If you’re doing accessories, create fun flatlays that are eye-catching!

And use all 8 photos – that’s the most you can upload. Maximize the space and make sure you’re providing as much detail through photos as possible! I recently listed some bags of mine and these are the 8 images I used:



The fastest way to sell an item on Poshmark is to have a comprehensive description and well-lit photos. I learned this from years at Poppy & Dot, but customers are going to ask for the following details so it’s good to include them in the description right off the bat:

  • measurements
  • size
  • color
  • retail value
  • your selling price

Including the retail value allows the shopper to see how great of a deal they are getting. Also, it’s important to share your items several times throughout the day. Your fastest sales will come when all of the information the shopper needs is already at their fingertips.


If you’ve ever ordered anything online, you know that the shipping can make or break your customer experience! Here are a few tips to help it go smoothly:

  1. Don’t delay! Poshmark sends you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label. All you have to do is print it out, package up the item, adhere the label, and drop it off at the corner mailbox (if it fits) or at the nearest Post Office. No stamps, no hassle!
  2. If you plan to sell a few things or do it on a consistent basis, keep shipping supplies on hand!
  3. Personalize it: include a business card, hand-written note, or thank you card so that your customers know where to find you again!


• • •


  1. Use all eight photos that Poshmark allows for your listings so shoppers can get a full view of what they’re buying with a detailed and fun description.
  2. Take pictures of details you would look for if you were the shopper: soles of shoes, insides of bags, etc.
  3. Build a closet that reflects your personal style – that way you’ll get repeat customers because they fall in love with your style!
  4. Sell items that are in good condition, on-trend, and in high demand.
  5. Make sure the photographs of the items are bright, simple, and easy to view.
  6. Use keywords in your listings that best describe the items you are selling, and make sure the description includes words that are frequently being searched by Poshmark users.
  7. Competitively price your items and offer great deals so users are encouraged to buy from you.
  8. Engage in the community! So many people sell with Poshmark because it’s a 40 million + network! Share other’s listings and engage!
  9. Be quick to respond – some of the quickest sales come from quick responses.
  10. Have fun!

I hope this blog post was super helpful! And if you ever want to shop my closet, you can find me HERE.

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