My August Amazon Purchases

Ummm, judging by my Amazon purchases, you’d think I never left my house! Athleisure wear, home necessities, school stuff…I look like a total shut-in! But that’s ok, I did snag some super cute workout gear and loungewear. I even added to my long list of Lulu Dupes! Here’s everything I purchased from Amazon in the month of August!


1) TIE-BACK TANK: I bought this as a possible dupe for one of my most-loved Lulu tanks but it’s a bit hit-and-miss. You definitely need to size down in this one or you’ll have a weird gaping in front of the armpits.

2) OVER-SIZED T-SHIRT W/ BIKER SHORT SET: I saw everyone promoting this set from Free People and so I went in search of a less expensive dupe! These are a great alternative and a FRACTION of the cost at $24.


3) PINK CROP TANK: This one wasn’t a favorite either. I have some Lulu tanks that are cropped like this that I LOVE. But this one was really boxy and gaped a ton at the armpits.

4) LONG TANK: This is another Lulu dupe that I really like! Tons of great reviews and totally lives up to the hype. The perfect tank at $18 if you like a longer silhouette.

5) WHITE CROP TANK: I liked this crop much more than the other one. This has a mesh back that makes it fit better and makes it way more breathable!

6) PINK TEE: This shirt is such a great dupe of this Lulu option! It’s $18 and available in a ton of colors. If you’re a fan of the Lulu, this is the perfect dupe for you.


• • •

1) REFECTOCIL 4: I got some new eyebrow dye and it is legit! You need both the dye and the developer (or you can use hydrogen peroxide).

2) DEVELOPER: This is what you need to get the color to develop. You can use hydrogen peroxide in a pinch but this works much better!


• • •

1) DOT BULLET JOURNAL: We picked these up for the girls for school and they really love them. They can doodle or take notes and they’re also great for church!

2) SPIRAL NOTEBOOK: These were required on the kids’ school lists so we picked up these ones from Amazon. They are blank so the girls can cover them in doodles or create their own cover – just another way for them to be creative!

3) ERASER STICKS: If you’ve ever used a #2 pencil you know how fast those erasers go! Plus, they kinda suck. These erase SOOOO good and they’ll last your kids all school year!



4) YUMBOX ICEPACKS: These icepacks fit perfectly in the Yumbox and will keep the food cold for lunchtime!

5) YUMBOX LUNCHBOX: If you’re looking for a really great lunchbox for grade school kids, these are AWESOME! I rated all of our lunchboxes in this blog post HERE.

6) WATERPROOF BINDER: These waterproof binders carry a ton of stuff and make my kids trek from class to class way easier. Plus they come in a ton of colors!

7) COLORFUL FELT-TIP PENS: These are such great markers and are such fun for note-taking and doodling!


• • •

1) MASKS: These are the masks that I showed on my stories the other week. They are swimsuit material so super breathable, stretchy, have great coverage, and are inexpensive. We also made our own lanyards! You can make your own as well by checking out my Lanyard Blog Post.

2) BUG CATCHER: I don’t know about you but we have had SO MANY BUGS this summer. Flies, mosquitos…just the worst! So I bought one of these electronic bug catchers and it’s been AWESOME! It significantly decreased the amount and is something I’ll be using every summer!

3) FAKE AGATE ARROWHEADS: I bought these when we went up to Island Park, ID a few weeks back and it’s the best $20 I’ve ever spent. The kids had a blast and it was hours of fun for us all!

4) BURTS BEES CHAPSTICK: This is one of those things we keep in each of the kid’s backpacks, kitchen drawers, and cars. No chapped lips over here!


• • •

5) SCOTCH SHIPPING TAPE: Kind of an odd item but I can’t tell you how often I’m searching for tape that isn’t wrapping tape. This is great to have on hand and I love that it’s clear.

6) STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER: If you need a really good stainless steel cleaner that leaves 0 streaks, this is an awesome option. It comes with its own rag and does a really great job!

7) MELATONIN: Anytime I haven’t gotten enough sun and my melatonin levels are down causing me to stay awake, I take some melatonin and go right to sleep! Safe, natural, and you won’t wake up with a sleep hangover.

8) MICROFIBER HAND TOWELS: I was in desperate need of hand towels for the new house so I snagged these and I haven’t looked back! They’re microfiber, pick up all the crap off of surfaces, and wash up brand new. I actually love them so much that I grabbed them for our main home as well!


9) DISHWAND: I have tried so many dang dish scrubbers and I keep coming back to this one! It holds dish soap in it, scrubs and scrapes, and is easy to use.


• • •

Man, I really went to town this week! Hopefully you find something useful and love these as much as I do. If there’s something I should be checking out, tell me in the comments below!

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