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Sundays….amiright? Usually soooo good but then someone leaves the bath running for OVER 2 HOURS and I end up with a totally flooded master bedroom and bath, flooded basement, and more ruined carpet than I care to think about right now!

A good distraction? Getting together the link list to beat all link lists!

As you may have noticed, Sundays are the day I typically try to catch up on links. I don’t want my stories filled with swipe ups but I get so many DMs that I really try to stay on top of them. So without further ado, here are ALL the links you guys asked for this Sunday!

Requested Links:

What’s the app that turns live photos into videos?

You don’t need an app to do this! You can actually do this right in your photo folder on your phone. I show you exactly how to utilize Live Photos in one of my recent #techtuesday blog posts!

What are the hair ties that are curled and don’t leave a kink in your hair?

The OG is the Invisibobble. But you can also grab generic ones at Walmart or Amazon and get more bang for your buck. They’re not as great of quality but the difference is minimal at best.

Pro Tip: toss them in boiling water when they get stretched out and watch them shrink back to their original size!

What TV app plays live tv and records shows?

Philo is an app that lets you watch cable TV on any device. They have channels like TLC, HGTV, food network, AMC, Paramount, Nickelodeon.. over 50+ channels and thousands of shows in their current season for only $20 a month. You can get a 7-day free trial and 30% off your first month making it like $14 for a month of cable tv when you click HERE!

This does NOT give you basic cable: ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu so I’ve got all of my bases covered. If basic cable is important to you, I would definitely do something like Hulu! You can get it commercial-free for $11.99 a month and have the option to add live TV but the episodes from the night before are always available next day.

Philo is the only one that gives you access to premium cable channels!

Do you have any recs for pants for a very tall, very skinny 9 yr old buy with no hips?? Help!

A great option is the slip-on jean with drawstring waist by Land’s End. They are very slim fit and hold on tight because of the drawstring waist. I also really love Old Navy for these types of things. They have 8-10 options for really skinny boys (and girls) where the pants are fitted through the hips and waist. They’re also adjustable so you can make them a bit more snug for the super skinny kid. If your kid is even skinnier, I suggest the girl’s jeans. They aren’t that different in the cut at that age and no one will be able to tell!

Zit Patches

I told you I was trying some new ones and I LOVE them. They work so much better and are seriously almost invisible! Don’t take my word for it! Try them for yourself HERE!

What was the drugstore self-tanner you used and recommended a few weeks ago?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about my 10 Steps For The Perfect Faux Glow. Self-tanners have come a long way since their inception and many of today’s options impart “tans” that are indistinguishable from the real deal.

But I wanted to see if I could get my favorite glow without my usual setup (spray gun, tanning solution, etc). And I tried a ton of brands and I absolutely fell in love with is this one from Jergens. Of the few I tried, this one went on smooth, had a buildable formula (key if you are a habitual user like me!), and dried in an hour! This is me just a few hours after applying the foam:


It’s also the difference between an almost $300 investment and $12 bucks. I’ll take $12 bucks any day of the week!

Pro Tip: no matter what you’re using (other than a lotion), don’t forget to grab a glove! This is a game-changer and will help with any and all applications!

What’s your favorite shoe for toddlers?

I love Native shoes for my boys. In the summertime, it doesn’t get any better. They can be worn with socks, without socks, and are water friendly. While I don’t want you to think they’re “water shoes”, they are the perfect summertime shoe for all types of activities. They’re also recyclable!

We also just picked up Crocs® for all the kids and they love them! Jett’s are linked here.

For all other times, I try to pick shoes with thin, wide soles so it’s easier for them to walk/run. My boys both have these Vans and love them! The fact that they can put them on by themselves is a huge plus and encourages them to be self-empowered!

What cord organizers do you have attached to your nightstand?

I showed this on my stories a while ago but we love our cord organizers. We’re able to keep all of our gadgets and cords together with handy cord clips. They stick on the back of our dressers right near the top so when nothing is plugged in, all the cords slip behind the dresser out of sight. But are easy to grab and pull up when we need to plug in at bedtime. They keep our cords out of sight but within reach to plug-in our devices!

What’s the app you use to delete multiple photos?

I use Slidebox. Photos are my favorite and least favorite aspect of the digital age. Before, our parents just threw them in old shoeboxes and kept them in the attic so no one could see them until someone passed away. Simpler times.

Slidebox (AndroidiOS) takes a Tinder-like approach to organize your photo album, with a quick, swipe-driven interface for sifting through your locally-stored photos, screenshots, and other assorted images. When you enter the app, all of your unsorted photos are presented to you in a queue, with your most recent showing first.

  • Left or right moves through your queue
  • Swiping up tosses a photo into a trash bin
  • Tapping on a series of labels at the bottom of the screen allows you to save photos into albums or create new ones.
  • Press and long-hold a photo to share it via text, email, or airdrop
  • Tap your photo to zoom!

And if you ever forget, you can tap the ‘?’ in the upper left corner and you’ll quickly be reminded! Check out the blog posts HERE.

What’s the link for the electric bikes/scooters Braun bought for your anniversary?

Ok, these have been the best gift! Braun got he and I both our own electronic bike to ride around the neighborhood and they’ve been so fun for nighttime rides!

What extractor tool were you using for your zits?

The tool I was using is the BEYOUTY BUREAU’s Anti-Blemish tool – it’s awesome to puncture your whiteheads and press out the fluid! I then slap on one of my zit patches and by the next day, you would never know I had a zit to begin with!

Blue light glasses?

I don’t currently use bluelight blockers because I have a prescription and I haven’t found any that I really love. However, I’ve heard really, really great things about these ones from Amazon.

Do you have a Made by Mary Code?

I don’t! But I will let you know the next time I do. Plus, keep an eye out for her sales – they’re usually pretty awesome!

Can I get a link for your face tanning lotion?

I don’t use a lotion for my face but I do use these drops from Ulta (just mix them with your moisturizer) and like I said above, I’m loving this foam from Jergens.

Do you have a code for those cool foam swords you shared awhile back?

I don’t! The company is Formidable Swords. They’re super cool and my boys love them!

Can you link all your new Hydro Flask Tumbler Details?

Always! I was disappointed to find that I’ve lost my ‘Lilac‘ Hydro Flask tumbler and immediately went on the hunt for another! I ended up picking up another 32oz tumbler in the color ‘Frost‘ and a boot in the color ‘Watermelon‘.


Click below for my new combo:




Pro Tip: If you are buying the boot for your 32oz tumbler, make sure you buy the size small. If you’re buying it for a 32oz water bottle, buy the medium. The tumblers are tapered to fit in cup holders.

What’s the app For Kids Allowance?

The app and program I use for my kid’s allowance is Greenlight. I have a whole blog post on it HERE. It teaches my kids about spending, saving, and earning. So far, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Blog Help and info

This is one that requires it’s own blog post and I’ll have that done soon! The how’s, what platforms to use, people you can hire – the works!

Do you have a Boy Haircut Video/tutorial?

Coming soon! I am going to have a ton of videos soon for you on my YouTube channel. Do you have vloggers/youtubers you love? Tell me in the comments below!

Best kid’s Podcasts

Ok, we are loving the selection of podcasts coming out – they’re sooo good! Here are our favorites (in no particular order):

You wear a large turquoise pendant necklace a lot. Can you link it?

It’s from Goldie Lew by Jazlyn Feild – I love all of her jewelry! This is also where my crescent moon necklace comes from! Use code ‘tara10’ for 10% off your entire purchase!

Not a link, but what is the material similar to laminate flooring from the home tours?

It’s LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring and it looks fantastic!

The ties you get for Braun?

I purchase Frank & Buck – use code TARA for a discount! You can get matching ones for your husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers, and dogs!

Look how small they all are! And this is just last year!

Do you have a link to the non-slip/no-show socks you shared?

I love these socks! They are lower than your normal ankle sock and they just cover your toe box so you can wear them with flats like a ballerina or loafer!

Do you have a link to a basic t-shirt you love?

This Madewell t-shirt is one of the absolute best for everyday wear. It isn’t too long, the sleeve length is great, the neckline flatters everyone, and none of the shirts are transparent. This Caslon is another one I love that I just picked up from the #nsale! It’s a rounded v-neck so if you’re not a crewneck girl and not a v-neck girl, this is a nice compromise between the two!

Can you link your dissolvable collagen powder?

It’s Collagen For Her and it’s great because it doesn’t have any taste (you can get flavored – lemon is my favorite) and it dissolves completely! You can get 10% off when you use code ‘TARA’ at checkout!

I know you’ve said it a million times but…what’s the lube you like again?

This question makes me laugh every time! Haha It’s Coconu and if you use code ‘Tara15’ at checkout you can get 15% off! Get the duo to test which formula (water or oil-based) that you like more! I go back and forth!

Link to those black shopping bins you got from Costco a couple of weeks back!

Man, I wish I had purchased more at Costco when I originally bought mine! I can’t find them anymore but I did find a similar brand on Amazon! You can click and get a 3-pack!

I bought these Vans (& LOVE them). Have you seen the same style, but in more colors?

This is the classic Vans lace-up style for women! I love these beige/peach giant check ones and these pink textured ones! Check out all of the options HERE.

Big cup holder?

This is the cup holder insert you need if you have larger drinks or any of the 32oz+ Hydro Flasks.

Eyebrow tint?

Listen, I know this says DON’T USE ON YOUR EYEBROWS…but I do. Use at your own risk. They have one just for eyebrows but I prefer this and I manage not to get it in my eyes. Get it HERE.

Your favorite school lunch box?

I have a few! And did a full blog post on it for back to school shopping!


Planet Boxes. Totally dishwasher safe, perfect size, lots of styles to choose from. They even come with leak-proof containers that fit inside of them if you want to send your kids to school with some yogurt, salad dressing or jello!


We have had yumbox lunchboxes for YEARS. Like since they first came out. It is embarrassing how many of them I’ve had over the years actually. They’re leakproof, the perfect size, cute colors, well thought out but NOT dishwasher safe which is a slight bummer.

Side note: You need this cooler backpack. It fits 5 Yumboxes PERFECTLY inside of it with an ice pack on top. We take this on adventures all the time!


This is a new one for us from last year but I think the concept of it is awesome. You can put anything HOT or COLD inside of it and it stays that way for hours. It is very heavy duty too!


If it isn’t in your budget to get any of the above or if you want to see if Bento style lunchboxes are for you, we have used THESE and love them! They’re a great size and are just a great basic container that keeps food separate (read: NOT SOGGY!!) and fit in most standard lunch bags.

Sometimes my kids just want to bring oatmeal to school for lunch or leftovers from the night before, we love making oatmeal in the morning and I’ll put a big helping of it in THIS container and it stays warm till lunch!

Always stick an ice pack in your lunch bag. These ones are our favorite!

Your favorite bra?

I’ve got 3!



They call this bra the “bra-llelujah” bra because the heavens actually open up and sing when you put it on. It’s that comfortable. The nude is perfect for more sheer tops and looks seamless.

Most of all, it’s exceptionally comfortable. In the past, my bra was the first thing to come off me when I got home. With a SPANX bra, I don’t really notice it and may leave it on the rest of the day. I’m telling you, nowhere will you find a more comfortable, supportive bra that doesn’t have underwire!



Uniqlo did it again and created the world’s most comfortable lounge/not going anywhere/I wear this out more than I should, bra. It started with this tank top and has morphed into an obsession.  This bra is lightweight, has no hardware, and is practically invisible under clothing and doesn’t squish you down like some sports bras.


mirity sports bras


Who has two thumbs and buys their bras off of Amazon? This girl. Seriously, you can’t beat the price on these bras ($19.99 for THREE) and they actually work! These are not chintzy $6.50 bras that are made of tissue paper and pasties. These bras are the REAL DEAL and they support you like no other. It’s got a built-in bra for added support and is ventilated so that your sweat doesn’t get trapped when you’re earning splat points! Add in the wide shoulder straps and the super comfy fit, and you have me as a fan for life! You can get these in these packs of 3 or these ones made for high impact that come in a pack of 4.

Little Kid Headphone headband

These will save you and your sanity! They don’t go in your kids’ ears and don’t slip off when they move and shuffle around! You’ll definitely thank me for these!

Where is the sleeper sofa you mentioned a little while ago from?

It’s an investment piece but it’s absolutely the most comfortable couch my guests (and mainly my kids) have slept on. And it won’t lose its shape!

Phone Mount For the Car

To stick to your dash: Tryone

To stick to your vents: Wizgear

Sunglasses organizer case

I love to get my cases and trays for organizing from the Container Store. I love this case for storing them!

Travel mirror you showed the other day?

BEST PURCHASE EVER! Haha – seriously! I bought this to travel (because sharing a bathroom with Braun or Layla makes it tough to get ready). It lights up, is rechargeable, and it’s doesn’t break the bank! Such great value for the price and it has saved me so many times. I even use it at home. 30% discount will automatically be applied when you click HERE!

Your apple watch band?

It’s the gold Milanese loop!

Where can I get the wireless remote you have for your Sony camera?

I really like this purchase. This remote is so practical and has enabled me to be in pictures with my kids when I’m the only picture-taker on hand or when we all want to be in one. It allows me to shoot remotely and get professional shots!

Strawberry jello salad

I’ve made this a bunch and even have it HERE on the blog! It’s a true crowd-pleaser – kids and adults eat it!

Will you please link your big bag that holds a lot of stuff for church, road trips, etc.


This large MZ Wallace tote is a favorite of mine. I’ve even got it in a few different colors. It’s the perfect airplane bag or travel bag because it holds all of my essentials. I can fit my Hydro Flask, 2 or 3 of my clear Truffle bags, my computer, snacks, airplane pillows and anything else I feel I might die without.

You can get a rundown on the rest of my favorite purses HERE.

Car detailing guys

Fresh Detail. These guys are the best!

Any codes for Shine cosmetics right now?

You can always use the code ‘tara10’ for 10% off your entire purchase! If you want to know my Shine favorites click HERE.

Navy hair stuff you liked?

My hair LOVES Navy Hair Care. I started using it in March…maybe April? My hair has never felt better. You should definitely check out this kit and use code ‘TARA’ for 30% off your entire purchase!

Is there still a discount code for Bloody Buddy?

Always! You can use code ‘Tarabff’ for 10% OFF your entire order! Best menstrual cup.

Is there a water bottle adaptor lid for toddlers?

I like either the straw lid I have for my tumblers or the flip-top lid that usually comes with the tall water bottles. If your’s didn’t, you can grab it HERE.

Best sunscreen for kids?

I love this zinc-oxide for face because it totally blocks the sun and is colored so you can see where it’s applied. And this spray for all over their body!

What is the link for the remote control car that can climb up walls?

This is a great gift for kids! Always a hit at birthday parties!

Curious about adult braces

Then read my blog post HERE!

Nertz Cards

Nertz is one of our favorite family games! Check out the rest HERE.

No sand beach blanket?

This no-sand beach blanket is the best! I also have a blog post all about our beach essentials HERE.

Do you have a link for the glass frames you used to put your family pictures in?

They are Highland Hardware Co – they’re so modern and pretty!

Texture spray link please!

This texture spray is also Navy Hair Care! Use code ‘TARA’ for 30% off your entire purchase!

The brown chairs in all your Poppy & Dot stories

I’ve linked those chairs HERE. You know how I tell them apart from my other chairs? Pennie didn’t chew the crap out of these ones!

What is the cleaner that you use that fights away like allll of the stains?

It truly is the best! This spray is used on my couches, carpets, pillows – everything!

The slip n slide

It’s not *actually* a slip-n-slide but my kids pull it out any time the weather even looks like it’s gonna be warm! It’s actually an air track for tumbling but it’s nice because it’s slippery when water is on it and padded so they aren’t throwing themselves on the hard ground!

Discount code for Oats Overnight

You can get a 10% discount on your Oats Overnight order by clicking HERE.

Hair cutting cape

They have really inexpensive ones on Amazon – this is the one Braun uses to trim his beard that attaches to the mirror!

You shared an app a while ago that your son loved and was educational

It’s Homer and we love it! It teaches sight reading, letter sounds, and incorporates your child into the story! Click HERE to get a 30-Day FREE trial!

Your headboard

I’ve linked that HERE in my Master Bedroom Tour post.

Snake print shirt?


I picked up this shirt at the #nsale! And I was wearing it the other night on my motorized late-night bike ride! haha

Best high waisted leggings – preferably affordable

The ones I love the best are still my Lululemon Align 28″. BUT if you are wanting to save money, Amazon has a great dupe – it’s just never in stock…except they are TODAY! $26 bucks compared to $98 bucks? Um, I’ll take them. And they’re SUPER close to the Lulus.

What vacuum did you say you use in your car?

I’ve got 2 of these hanging in the pantry and they are used everywhere – including the car! They come with multiple attachments and hold a good charge! They’re also $113.00 OFF right now!

Pennie & Goldie’s dog tent/teepee

I love this teepee I picked up for Goldie! Both dogs now love it and lay in it regularly.

You can check out the rest of my go-to and must-have puppy guide HERE.

Where do you buy your gift cards from?

Costco or

Inflatable toddler bed?

Best purchase. Inflates in seconds, comes with a sheet, stays pumped up – awesome for an extra bed in a hotel room and when you have a sick kid!

Not links but would love to see your pantry…isn’t it very organized with large containers?

It is! It was definitely a labor of love and you can see the entire thing HERE.

The nightgown that looks like a dress! You said it’s great for nursing moms!

These dresses are pretty great and you don’t get those weird stares at the grocery store or in line at school pickup when you forget to change out of your pjs! They’re incredibly comfortable, great for nursing and you can get 10% off your purchase when you use the code ‘TARA’ at checkout!

Your favorite mascara

Hands down the best mascara ever.

Good podcasts to listen to?

I’ve got a full list HERE. Another I would add that is brand new is Culpable.

The girl’s playlist they made

This is Emery’s summer playlist and it is soooo good!

If you need a fun summer playlist that will pump you up and keep it clean, this is the playlist for you! I had Emery sit down and come up with her favorite songs for summer. It is filled with 27 songs that will make cleaning way more fun, perfect for singing in the car really loud and lounging by the pool. Emery is the pro when it comes to curating fun, upbeat song lists and she worked on this updated list after you guys asked her to share! You can hit play and listen while you read the rest of this post and then click HERE to access the entire list and follow on Spotify!

Best bath towels


The Converse you got at the nsale


I actually got them WAY before the #nsale but I have no regrets! They’re so comfortable and they go with everything!

The orange cardigan from the nsale that you did not purchase?

This cardigan really is amazing! I think I need to go back and grab it. It’s cashmere and so comfy!

Work backpack


I really like these bags as they are soft, don’t show dirt, and are machine washable. They are made from neoprene and have a large assortment of pockets for all different types of organization. I’ve got this style in the heather grey!

• • • • • • • • • • •

ok, I think that’s all of them from Sunday! Holy cow that is a long list! If I missed anything, you know what to do – leave me a comment below!

Xx Tara


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  1. Can you recommend a comfortable air mattress of sorts for adults? We are staying overnight this weekend at the in laws beach house- the beds there are SO uncomfortable- I need to bring something for the hubs and I that comfy and affordable! I have scoliosis and back pain constantly!!

    1. Ok, this one is a little spendy (just over $100) but it really is the best of the best and will fit 2 people comfortably. Since it’s less than the average 1 night at a hotel, it’s totally worth it to me – especially if you have back issues! Click HERE

  2. Hi! You are so helpful. Thanks for this amazing recap. Do you have, or will you do a blog post about the hormone therapist you are working with? Mid-forties over here and the hormone struggle is real over here!
    Thank you!

    1. Yes! I plan on doing a recap when I have more information and have gone through a bit more of my own journey. The last thing I want to do is alarm people or send them in the wrong direction!

  3. Hi! Wow this is amazing! This might not be the right place to ask, but what was your favorite island in Hawaii?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi. The link for whatever you put hot food in for the kids lunch is not working. It links up to the bento style plastic containers again.

  5. Hi! Do you remember the name of your sleeper sofa that you love? The link takes me to west elm but not to the specific sofa. Thanks!


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