Summer Beach Essentials

It’s no secret that the Thuesons love the beach…well, half of us anyway!

I don’t count Braun because he’s just too OCD to truly enjoy the beach. The outdoor activities, the swimming – he loves those. It’s the sand he can’t stand! Haha

But for the rest of us and most families, the beach is such a great vacation for kids.

There’s a ton to do, it can last for hours or even days, and every single night your kids will hit the mattress as if they’ve just run a marathon…or two.

So I’ve put together our list of essentials that take any beach vacation from just another sandy excursion to the vacation of a lifetime!

First off, the blanket you take to the beach is everything. Sure, you can take your basic beach towel (these are some of our favorites) but you need a beach blanket that is impervious to sand. This beach blanket goes with us every time and it’s practically magic. The sand goes right through the fibers and leaves you, and your bum, sand free!

Next, you need something to carry all your goodies in. From mesh bags to coolers, you need something to haul everything from your sand shovel to your cold diet coke. These bags are just a few of my favorites:


• • •


Let’s talk shade! Yes, you are at the beach trying to get some sun but unless you want to dip your kids in sunblock every two hours, you’re going to want something to cover them up and get them out of the heat. You can go with these super cute towel cover-ups (use code ‘TARA’ for 10% off!), and I also suggest rash guards – they block UV rays.

For the whole family, I suggest a beach umbrella or beach tent – it’s like a normal umbrella but huge and with side guards! We also use these at soccer and baseball games! If you go the umbrella route, I suggest grabbing these sand stakes (to keep it in place even when it’s windy) and this drinky caddy to make your own complete your little paradise and provide a little table room.


• • •


• • •

Toys. I can’t say it enough! Yes, the water will keep your kids busy but they’re also going to want things to do and to play with at the beach. We have this set of sand tools we take with us, but we also drag along boogie boards, squirt guns, and frisbees, to name a few. Here are a few more favorites we like to bring:


• • •

Aside from all this, the main thing you’re going for is comfort! So sunscreen is a must if we absolutely want to sleep and not get skin cancer, my secret weapon for removing sand (wet or dry) before packing it in for the day (or keep one of these bad boys in the car for a quick wipe off!), a waterproof speaker so we can listen to our favorite tunes, bug repellant that wipes on and works, and your own chair/beds so you can read/sleep/people watch in comfort!


The last thing that I would add to this list is a kindle. this may be selfish but I love a good beach read. If you’re unsure of which one to get check out my recent #techtuesday post HERE. And that’s it! I’m sure I’m missing something but I’ll update this thing as I remember. The beach is meant to be the most relaxing vacation there is! And with our favorites, I guarantee that yours will be!


Xx Tara

P.S. Is there something you take to the beach that you love? Let me know below!

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