Top 5 Tips For Back-To-School Shopping

I remember as a kid thinking that summer never lasted long enough. One minute you’re running out of school on the last day and you wake up the next day and you’re on your way back!

But one thing I always looked forward to was back-to-school shopping!

And over the years, I’ve got it down to an art. How to score the best deals, how to know exactly what to pick up, and when to go to ensure that I’m not showing up to bare shelves! So I partnered with Walmart (quickly becoming my catch-all fav) to help you be a back-to-school shopping PRO!


Out With the old, in with the new

First off, you need to purge! Go in and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit.

We do this end of July/first of August and make sure we’re not holding onto clothes that aren’t going to be worn. I love that I’ve got Emery and Annie to close in age and Dash and Jett because clothes get passed down. It doesn’t feel like we’re getting new full wardrobes every fall!

I also get rid of things with holes that are going to get bigger or that have stains.

Once I’ve done this, I have a better idea of what the kids need!


Keep it Simple

When I go back-to-school shopping, I have to keep it simple to keep my sanity. I’m looking for a store that HAS. IT. ALL.

Here’s what I’m shooting for during any shopping trip with all the kids in tow:

  • I’m looking for a store that has shoes, clothing, hair accessories, school supplies – I can’t be bothered haha
  • Great quality at good prices – let’s get serious for a moment: I am not one of those moms who wants to spend $$$ on new school wardrobes. Kids are tough on clothes and investing in really expensive items just doesn’t make sense! I need clothes that are going to last, not fall apart…I’m going to be a lot less upset over a $4 pair of leggings getting ruined than a $40 pair – know what I mean?
  • Options. Kid confidence is key when it comes to school. I want my kids to look and feel good. And that means shopping somewhere they can pick an outfit that inspires them and encourages their authenticity.

By partnering with Walmart, I knew we were going to be able to tick all the boxes!


Stick to Basics…But with flair

Even with my own wardrobe, I tend to stay away from truly ‘trendy’ clothing. I want my kids to want to wear their clothes as long as they fit and avoiding super trends helps with that. Especially with hand-me-downs.

This year my kids were BEGGING for Crocs® “so we can put things in them in the holes!” While this isn’t something I would normally get, they’ve actually been really fun and they’re so versatile. Plus, they allow the kids to express themselves with a really fun shoe!

Other than that, we really stuck to our guns: t-shirts, basic shorts, a few skirts – clothing that can be mixed and matched for an endless string of outfits.


• • •




Look for pieces that let your kids express themselves

For us, these kids follow after their mom for sure! Shoes and bags AKA backpacks! It’s such a fun way for them to set themselves apart and have a little fun with their wardrobe! Here are some of our favorites:


• • •


• • •


• • •


• • •


Shop Early

Don’t wait until the week before school to do your back-to-school shopping! There are fantastic deals and sales ALL summer long! And, if you wait until the week of, you and your kids will go to the store and find empty shelves! All the good stuff goes WAY TOO FAST!

And one last thing, if your kids go to a school that has uniforms or a dress code and requires them to wear khakis, navy, and/or white shirts, Walmart has a HUGE selection of uniform clothing. But remember to keep it simple! 3-5 shirts should get them through the week with a few bottom options! Don’t go overboard and buy a ton because these are clothes they are for sure going to grow out of so you don’t want to be invested. Plus, the kids will never wear them outside of school!

So have fun, go early, grab the basics, and go to a store like Walmart that has it all! And if you see a deal that’s too good to pass up, drop it in the comments below!

Xx Tara

And a huge thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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