Urban Oufitters: Gift Ideas for Your Teens

Partnership with Urban Outfitters

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that Em + Anisten LOVE Urban Outfitters and frequent their site often to find clothes + decor for their rooms! Here’s a few things Emery picked out recently! My code TARA10 gets you 10% off your purchase now through 12/22.

Lace Top | Corduroy Dress | Loafers

How cute is this little holiday outfit?! The corduroy is super soft and the lace top underneath goes with so many things, she wears it all the time and it comes in a ton of colors. She’s in her true size in everything, but you could size up in the dress for more length!

Cardigan (similar) | Skirt | Loafers

Here’s a bit more of a preppy look. I think this style is darling. The top is actually a loungewear top, but is fun dressed up too. The black is sold out, but they have a ribbed option in some really great colors right now! Emery LOVES skirts from Urban Outfitters and this color combo was a winner. She’s been super into loafers lately and these chunky ones have been on repeat!

Tee Shirt (similar) | Kilt Skirt

Another great skirt option! Lot of fun details. She in her true medium! It comes in a cute pink color too. Em owns a ton of these shirts, they go with everything and are such a great fit. The ones linked are a similar, ribbed option since this one is sold out!

Tee Shirt (similar) | Sweats

Both of my girls loveeee these sweats. The band is sewn down, so what you’re seeing here is how they are without any adjustments. They also have a jogger option, both come in really cute colors!

Cardigan (similar) | Skirt | Loafers

Bringing it back to the 90s with this skirt! Love that it comes to just about the ankles so you can see her cute shoes.

I would say one of my girls’ top favorite brands is Baggu! Urban Outfitters carries a ton of their stuff and I’ll definitely be snagging more for them because they use it ALL THE TIME. Their personal favorites are the tote and fanny pack!

Emery recently updated her room and is A LOT of her furniture and decor is from here. Her vanity came from UO and it’s so sleek. Functions as a desk but the middle part flips up and becomes a mirror!

Vanity | Bamboo Curtain | Mirror

Here’s a few more things in Em’s room from Urban Outfitters! She didn’t love having a door on her closet, wanted to make it “match the vibes” if you will haha so bamboo curtains it was! This mirror is AWESOME. I had it in our upstairs space for a long time and Em finally decided to cop it and put it in her room!


Okay, how cute are these sheets?! Bows are so trendy right now and I love it, so does Em! Remember to use code TARA10 at checkout for 10% off your order now through 12/22!