Keeping My World Organized With Adero

I have to admit, even though my goal was to take it a bit slower in 2019, my world doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

With the kids, Braun, work, the house, travel, and every other thing that gets piled on my plate, I am lucky if I don’t leave the house still in pajamas each day!

But I have to tell you about something that’s helping me make things I own smarter and more helpful. So that even if I leave the house in pajamas, I’ve still got everything I need to be productive at work, on the road, and in between school pickups!

A few months ago Adero reached out to me and asked if I would try out their intelligent organization system. You know how I love to try new tech and then pass it on to you!

Adero is a system of Bluetooth-enabled tags that communicate with one another–and you–through an easy-to-use app. They connect to each other via bluetooth.

Adero has Smart Tags that enable you to organize and track everything you need to take with you! It makes any bag a smart bag ensuring that you never leave anything behind! These things have a rechargeable battery you never have to replace, a built-in accelerometer, multi-colored LEDs, and a miniaturized speaker that can be turned on or off!


You start by creating a container or “smart bag” for groups of things that go together: your work bag, suitcase, diaper bag (I used them to go to Hawaii with since last time I forgot MY WHOLE BAG OF SWIMSUITS!).

Once you have decided which container or bag to make smart, you then assign taglets (the smaller tags) to all the things that belong in the bag (you can pair up to 3 taglets to each smart tag). Bluetooth connects them together and speaks to your app to tell you if you’ve got everything that belongs in that bag!

See how easy that is?

And I’ve talked about other “trackers” before but nothing really compares to Adero. I snagged this chart from their website!

It really does do the thinking for you! And I’m happy to report, I haven’t left anything home in over 2 months! This may not seem like a big deal to you but to me, it’s everything! Remember: Hawaii with no swimsuits people!


All of this comes together in the Adero app where you can build your smart bag, track your tagged things (the items you put taglets on), and create reminders to keep them all together.

You can then check the app to see if your bag is ready to go the night before. If anything you tagged with a taglet isn’t in your smart bag (the bag you put your smart tag on) Adero will let you know!(e.g. “It’s time to get your suitcase. Your toiletries case and suitcase are not together.”

If you’re ready to go, you can tap a Smart Tag to see if everything you need is in that bag. When it displays a green light you’re good to go! But, if it displays red, you can check the app to see the exact item you’re missing!


  1. The most versatile way to tag, organize and track your things.
  2. Pair a Smart Tag with up to 3 smaller Taglets placed on all the items you need to organize as a group (e.g. include a smart tag on your work bag, and then add Taglets to your laptop, chargers, wallet).
  3. Colored LEDs on the Smart Tag can show you with one tap whether or not you have all the things you need to take with you.
  1. Taglets pair with a Smart Tag to organize and track individual items that go in a single bag.
  2. You can stick a Taglet on a wide variety of items, and putting Taglets on more of your things helps you take control of more stuff.
  3. Imagine your work bag has a Smart Tag, with Taglets on your laptop, notebook, wallet, your company keycard, headphones, and the case for your glasses.
  1. The Smart Tag Charger is for recharging the Smart Tag battery. The Smart Tag battery can perform for up to two months on a single charge.
  1. Organize and track things, and proactively communicate the status of your stuff (e.g. if you’re good to go, or if you’re missing an item).
  2. Set up customized reminders to check your bag before you leave, and make sure you have everything you need.

One thing I can really get behind with Adero is that they’re innovative. Unlike those other companies that only look for lost items, Adero is less about finding lost items and more about preventing loss to begin with. AMEN!

If you want to learn more or try Adero yourself, simply visit!

xx Tara

P.S. Tell me how you like it in the comment below!

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