Kid’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On Valentine’s Day, just like the other 364 days of the year, I want my kids to know I love them. I love gifting them little knick knacks that are fun to do together or that prompt them to show love to others!

With Valentine’s Day being as commercialized as it is, I don’t do a ton. A small gift, some candy, and a fun family game or activity!

Here are some of the things I’ve done in the past and this year that are big hits!

My Top Kid’s Gifts

1. I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You For Always is one of my favorite books. It does promote breaking and entering but I think we’re safe since it’s from a well-meaning mother. You mothers can relate – sometimes it’s hard to let go. And sometimes, during late nights, you just want to hold your baby – no matter how old they are.

Valentine’s Books We Love

• • •

2. My kids are getting to the age where they LOVE TO BAKE and it’s something that serves the whole family! So this set of 101 cookie cutters from Wilton are awesome and perfect for any age or gender!

3. My girls take after me and love jewelry. But I’m not investing $$$ for them to get decked out. Instead, I love these cute ring sets that allow them to have fun, show their personality, and that doesn’t cause an epic meltdown if one gets lost!

4. This remote control car that climbs walls is always on my gift list. If you’re looking for something around the $25 mark, this should be your go-to!


• • •

5. Origami Love Notes – I love this one because I know some of these little paper crafts will end up under my pillow from my kids! They will spend hours putting these together and creating small boxes and love notes!

6. Something fun for my boys has been sets like this that promote creativity and get them thinking about how one thing they do affects another!

7. Love these BFF LipSmackers – a classic that never gets old and every generation seems to love them! Plus, they can give one to a friend at school. I also love this single heart-shaped lip balm!

8. My boys love these building magnets and without fail, I find them out every time they decide to play together. Like Legos, I don’t mind investing in a toy like this that only gets better with more parts!

9. My girls take after their mom and love these transparent bags as much as I do! But instead of paying what I would on one of my own, these are a nice alternative at a lesser price! Plus, they double as Valentine’s Day bags!

10. My kids love coloring and we have some type of crayon, colored pencil, or marker with us at all times! These gel crayons are our new favorites and are fun for the whole fam!

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping and tell me below if you end up getting any (or all) of these favorites!


xx Tara!

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