Last Minute Back To School Prep

What does one do when school starts in a week for 3 of one’s 4 kids? Take a last-minute road trip of course! And going an hour or two away for a staycation won’t do it. One must travel through 3 states, go over 1,000 miles, and make sure the kids have no hope of getting on a normal sleep schedule before the big day.

Yep, that about sums up what we did this past week! Haha

Oh man, I think I’m gonna regret this.

But I’m semi-confident we will survive and be prepared for the first day of school. After all, this isn’t our first rodeo and I’ve done the whole last-minute-school-supply-shopping thing before! And I partnered with Walmart to hopefully make it a little easier!

SHIRT | PANTS (these come in a 2-pack and are drawstring!)

But clothes shopping is a whole other animal…and Dash’s face is the perfect depiction of trying to go back-to-school clothes shopping the week before school starts. So I’ve gone through the lot, pulled my favorite looks and items, to help make your last-minute back-to-school shopping for little boys a breeze!

Plus with FREE 2-day shipping and returns on purchases over $35, shopping at Walmart is a no-brainer!

Tried & True Brands

When it comes to shopping at Walmart, you can really hit a home run each time by shopping the following brands:

  • Wonder NationTons of great options in every category (socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts, uniforms, etc). You name it, they have it. And they seem to be on-trend and of great quality!
  • Old Glory: Lots of great novelty prints and t-shirts!
  • Children’s Place: I love that this timeless brand is now available in Walmart!

Name Brands

They also have so many smaller brands and their in-store selections are pretty great! I would suggest checking my picks online and then if you’ve got time, to swing by your local store and check out what they’ve got at your location!


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And I know I mentioned this in my last back-to-school post, if your kids go to a school that has uniforms or a dress code and requires them to wear khakis, navy, and/or white shirts, Walmart has a HUGE selection of uniform clothing. But remember to keep it simple! 3-5 shirts should get them through the week with a few bottom options! Don’t go overboard and buy a ton because these are clothes they are for sure going to grow out of so you don’t want to be invested. Plus, the kids will never wear them outside of school!

Xx Tara

And a huge thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!


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