You know when you find it – THAT item you know you’ll wear no less than 3497234 times. That item you get so giddy to finally find!?

For me.. it’s these shorts. This was my first time trying LOFT shorts! I never knew they fit so dang good. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time. I got size 26, and they fit so perfect. Actually, all of the items I got from there did.

This sweatshirt quickly became my fave. it’s so soft and so comfortable.. it’s not overly heavy so it’s perfect for summer.

I did a whole blog post on my LOFT haul here.

Lastly… the best phone case in the world. The Loopy Case. This new pearly iridescent one is my current fave, but I swap them out often. Code: TARA10 or TARA15 (on multiple) always work!