Summer Fashion Picks with WalMart

If I could count the number of times that Walmart grocery pickup + delivery has saved my family, I’d be using all my fingers and toes and borrowing some from my kids too. I use it when we are on our way home from long road trips, after we’ve emptied out the kitchen, or when I’m out running errands and just don’t have time to run through a store. I get asked all the time how this works and I put together a blog post about while back that you can read HERE (you’ll also get a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe there too)!

But today, I want to show you guys some summer clothes I picked up from there!! I’ve been loving Walmart Fashion lately.. They have some really cute stuff right now that I know I will be reaching for again and again..

Dress | Dress (similar) | Sneakers | Slides | Necklace (similar)

This dress is super cute and comes in multiple colors. The slides are more comfortable than I thought they would be, it was definitely a pleasant surprise! They come in three different colors. The blush was out of stock when I went into the store but I’m going to snag them on! I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a cute pair of white sneakers.

Here’s other shoes that I’m tempted to grab from! They’re so dang cute!


I know you guys have loved this jumper just as much as I have.. $14.99… it comes in a bunch of colors and its basically made out of fairy dust. SO DANG COMFY! I love this. I keep imagining myself wearing this over my swimsuits this summer too and I know I will wear it so much!

Jumper | Shoes | Shirt (similar)

They FINALLY have full stock on my slippers! I bought these for my mom and all of my sisters for our Yellowstone adventure last fall and they sold out shortly after. I LOVE these and I know you will too. They have a hard sole and my girls both love them too! I’m dreaming of summer nights next to our fire pit in these!


Okay guys, here me out. The men’s department sometimes has some dang good stuff. This sweatshirt was a great find!! It actually runs a little small, so I’m wearing a small here in both colors. The shorts are also TTS (they’re women’s)! I got a small in both colors. They come in a 2 pack. These shoes are super comfy – I love that I can style them cute with a dress like I did above, or dress them down with a sweatshirt and shorts.

Sweatshirt | Shorts | Sandals

Ahhh, this sweat set.. this quickly became one of my favorites. It looks like they’re fully restocked!! I suggest grabbing one now because they always sell out super quick. I’ve been waiting to grab that navy color. The shorts are super low stock but I’ll link some similar sets below. The sweatshirt is in full stock! TTS.

Sweatshirt | Shorts | Set

Here are a few more sweatshirts, shorts and sets I bet you guys might love that are similar to above!

My favorite part?? I can do all my Walmart fashion shopping right from my phone! Super convenient and super fast shipping times on most items from!

Thank you WalMart for sponsoring this blog post!