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You guys! My favorite skincare is still my favorite skincare (no surprise there), but they just launched a new mask that is my new favorite mid-week refresher! The new Major Glow Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Mask is packed with probiotics and was formulated to help you boost your hydration and even your skin tone!



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I’m at that point with my skin that I feel like I’m getting time off from breakouts and wrinkles for good skincare behavior! Since I started using TULA last year, I’ve been religious about my skincare!

Earlier this year they launched their new Glow & Get It cooling and hydrating eye balm, which quickly earned its spot amongst my skincare staples, so I was excited to get this new mask! Made (of course) with probiotics, this mask promised to leave my skin looking instantly luminous, radiant, and glowing. And so I put it to the test!


As you can see, the mask comes in 2 parts: 1 upper face mask and 1 lower face mask. It’s suitable for all skin types is a hydrogel mask. It’s infused with probiotics & superfoods like citrus and papaya and is supposed to improve the appearance of your skin’s tone, texture & hydration levels immediately and over time.


They recommend using the mask 2 x’s a week but I think it’s great to use anytime you need a boost of hydration or just a refresher! Here’s how I worked it into my routine:
First, I wash my skin using the Purifying Face Cleanser. If you’re thinking of switching to TULA, I suggest you get this first! Next, I dry my face – not sure if you need to but I didn’t want the mask slipping off! Once you’ve opened the mask and unfolded it, don’t panic when 2 pieces come out as I did haha! Once you’ve got the mask on, you want to leave it on for 5-10 minutes – this is a good time to read, paint your toenails, or do laundry!
At the end of 10 minutes remove your mask and enjoy your glow!

I was seriously impressed the first time I tried these masks. I especially love to use it the night after I do the Exfoliating Treatment Mask.


Use code ‘TARA’ at checkout to get 20% OFF your entire purchase!


The first thing I noticed after using the mask was the amount of moisture my skin retained through the next day. My skin is on the dry side and you’ve heard me talk about how much I love the Hydrating Day & Night Cream. And this mask helped boost the hydration and lock it in longer!

If you have any inflammation or redness, this mask promises to cool and soothe irritated skin! It’s packed full of probiotics and superfoods like papaya and citrus that are known to soothe irritants and improve the tone, texture & hydration levels in your skin both immediately and long-term.


  •  Probiotics: helps skin hold onto hydration
  •  Papaya: chemically exfoliates while helping revive the look of dull skin
  •  Vitamin C: immediately brightens the appearance of skin


Probiotics are the foundation of all TULA products!

I’m going to steal this next part from their website because they explain it so much better than I ever would: “These same bacteria that are best known to help balance and calm your stomach are also clinically proven to help promote the look of skin’s natural balance, locking in moisture to leave your complexion more hydrated and reducing the appearance of inflammation.

I’m no scientist but these have absolutely changed the way my skin looks. I always thought when products promoted their “glowing” effects etc, that they were exaggerating. But with TULA, the whole glowy thing (technical term) is real! I really love this skincare.

If you’re new to TULA, you should check out the Clear Complexion Kit!

I don’t know about you but having clear skin totally boosts my self-esteem! It’s a mouthful but the new Major Glow Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Mask is my new favorite!

If you’re looking for my full skincare routine, you can check it out HERE. And pick up some of these masks! They’re sure to help you get your glow on! And remember to use code ‘TARA’ at checkout to get 20% OFF your entire purchase!

Xx Tara

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