Skincare Part 2: How I’m Saving Face With Tula Skincare

Ok, let’s dive into Part 2 of skincare: My Daily Routine! If you missed Part 1 you can find it HERE. For Part 2, I’m breaking down the products that are must-haves for me every single day. Like I said in Part 1, I made a massive effort to focus on my skin the past couple of years and I have seen a big difference in the size of my pores, the texture of my skin, and the moisture level/oil production. And you guys have noticed as well because it’s seriously one of the questions I get asked the most so I’m breaking it down with the products I can’t live without!

My current skincare routine is mainly comprised of TULA Probiotic Skincare. I was sent some TULA samples to try last fall and I was instantly hooked! You all know how much I loved my Philosophy skincare and I still think it is such a great product but the ingredients in TULA skincare fascinated me.  Probiotics are the foundation of all TULA products which I absolutely love. I’m going to steal this next part from their website because they explain it so much better than I ever would: “These same bacteria that are best known to help balance and calm your stomach are also clinically proven to help promote the look of skin’s natural balance, locking in moisture to leave your complexion more hydrated and reducing the appearance of inflammation.”

I’m no scientist but these have absolutely changed the way my skin looks. I always thought when products promoted their “glowing” effects etc, that they were exaggerating. But with TULA, the whole glowy thing (technical term) is real! You guys have seen me more bare-faced over the past month as proof and now you know why! I’m really confident in the skin I’m in! [and can I just say, it’s about dang time!}

1. Purifying Cleanser

This is the very first step in my skincare routine! I love this as an alternative to products with soap in them. This also doesn’t over-strip my skin or leave it dehydrated. Suitable for all skin types, 96% of women said the Cleanser is gentle on their skin and removes eye makeup, 100% of women agreed their skin didn’t feel tight or stripped after using this product after 7 days, 95% of women said they noticed an improved glow after 14 days, AND has 276 five-star reviews on their website! Not bad, right?

2. Pro-Glycolic 10% PH Resurfacing Gel

This is step 2 in my process and I use it as a toner. It is alcohol-free (LOVE this because alcohol is drying) and it uses glycolic acid to help gently slough off dead skin cells and remove excess dirt and oil. This is what has really helped reduce my pores and tighten my skin. I was told by my esthetician that dead skin cells are what cause breakouts and rough skin. So this is my answer and I love it! 94% agree their skin felt smoother after just 4 weeks, 85% agree their skin tone looked more even after just 4 weeks, and 88% agree their fine lines & wrinkles appeared softened after just 4 weeks – so don’t just take my word for it! AND it has 157 five-star reviews!

3. Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum

Step 3 in my regimen is retinol and vitamin c. This serum also helps with volume (which dramatically drops in our face after the age of 35!) and elasticity. The vitamin c in this also helps create a protective barrier against bad things in the air! 95% of women said their skin looked plumper and smoother after 4 weeks, 90% of women said this serum noticeably reduced the appearance of their lines and deep wrinkles in just 4 weeks, 100% of women said their skin looked firmer immediately after using this serum, and I seriously love how this has reduced the lines in my face.

4. Hydrating Day & Night Cream

The cool thing about TULA is that each product has probiotic strains that help with it’s specific function! This hydrating cream has Bifida Ferment Lysate which hydrates the skin and locks in moisture. I’ve also noticed that this has helped with the firmness of my skin and really helped even out my skin tone! 95% of women said there was a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles after just 4 weeks, 100% of women said their skin looked more radiant after just 14 days of use, and 100% of women said they would recommend this product to a friend after just 7 days.

5. SeneDerm® Solutions Spot-On Blemish & Acne Treatment

K, this stuff is like magic. If I have a zit or blemish (you’ve seen these when I go makeup free!) I dab this on at night once I’ve got through my routine above and 9 times out of 10, the blemish is gone by morning. Even if I used nothing else, this is the thing I would tell you to get over everything else! Sorry for the long blurb but this is what Senegence says makes Spot-On a game changer:

“This hardworking pimple fighter has been proven effective in treating acne by killing the Propionibacteria acnes bacteria responsible for outbreaks. However, irritation is a common problem when BPO is not dissolved or delivered effectively.

In response to this problem Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI) was designed to help dissolve actives such as BPO in formulations and prevent its re-agglomeration (act or process of gathering into a mass). This increases the efficacy of BPO by limiting its particle size to better target the pores and eliminate the source of acne. Further, by keeping the particles from re-agglomerating, it reduces skin irritation. It is generally known that actives are only as effective as the vehicles used to deliver them. DMI is designed to aid penetration into the epidermis by increasing the polarity of the surface skin layers to carry the active BPO to the pores of the skin in order to kill the bacteria that cause acne, where it can act more effectively.

In fact, the ingredient was shown to be a better delivery vehicle for BPO than Ethoxydiglycol (EDG) a commonly used competitive material, as determined experimentally and in a theoretical model comparing the polarity of the delivery vehicle to the solute, in this case BPO.

It was found that more than double the amount of BPO can be dissolved in Dimethyl Isosorbide than in such competitive delivery vehicles. In addition, Dimethyl Isosorbide ensures BPO has maximum contact time with the pores and acne-causing bacteria. However, it was not shown to promote penetration into the bloodstream. DMI, a methylated sorbitol derivative, enhances the activity of BPO while reducing its skin irritation potential. This material increases the effectiveness of actives in formulations.”

BONUS: Step 6 & 7

6. Kefir Moisture Repair Pressed Oil

Step 6, which really is a bonus is to help get rid of chapped areas on the skin and to really lock in moisture! I use this either in place of the Hydrating Day & Night Cream OR on top of as an additional layer of hydration when I need it. Kefir-infused all-in-one product moisturizes and nourishes and really transforms once it comes in contact with the warmth of your skin! 96% of women agreed their skin no longer felt dehydrated, dry, or tight after just 1 week and 96% of women agreed their skin felt like it is was wrapped in comforting hydration after just 1 week. Not a bad treat for your skin after a long week!

7. Exfoliating Treatment Mask

I love to use this bentonite clay mask two or three a week in the shower to really get in there and get all the dirt out! And yes, I know it says to use on dry skin and leave on for 10 minutes and I honestly use it both ways, but I really love it in the shower. 100% of women said they would recommend this mask to a friend after using it just once, 100% of women said this mask left their skin feeling smoother but not stripped or dry, and 95% of women said they would purchase this mask again after just one use! That’s a huge endorsement!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – I use the Clarisonic every day – seriously, even if you don’t have a skincare regimen, a good brush that will get down into your pores is HUGE! I love this one and I love that I can switch out the heads. If you already have one, you can purchase additional heads to get the job done – I love this one to apply creams and moisturizers. If you haven’t read up on facial massage and what it can do for your skin, you defintiely should! You can also purchase a head that will give you a pedicure OR to apply your foundation! Or you can go all in and get the head-to-toe brush/head kit! Seriously, there is an attachment for everything you might want!

There it is! My 7-Step skincare process. I swear by this, I love these products, and more importantly, I love that they’re working well enough that you guys are asking about it! The biggest confirmation that something you’re doing is working is that people comment on it!

TULA was kind enough to give me a code to share with all of you for 20% off any purchase you make! Use code ‘TARAT20’ to get your discount and get better skin! I’ve also included a couple of the kits if you’re looking to get one or two and want better pricing!

And if you have or currently use TULA, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 6.4.18
    Kristine said:

    I just ordered a sample kit..thanks for the discount code! I’m excited to try this line out. My skin needs some serious help and I love that they use probiotics!

  2. 6.8.18
    tarathueson said:

    Tell me how you like it!

  3. 6.10.19
    Clarissa Black said:

    Hey Tara, do you have anymore discounts or samples of this stuff? I have extremely sensitive skin and I haven’t really found anything that works great.

  4. 6.10.19
    tarathueson said:

    Hey Clarissa – my code TARA will give you 20% off AND they have a full money-back guarantee. TULA is by far one of the best companies/products I’ve worked with. It really has been incredible for my skin!