Mini Waffle Maker

Give my kids a full size waffle and they probably won’t eat it.. give them 4 mini ones and they’ll eat them all. Anyone else with me!? For some reason they all prefer mini everything. I don’t understand it, but it’s fine… it’s all fine.

This is the waffle maker we have in St. George. We always travel with extra kids so I needed something to make a bunch of them quickly. When my friend Jasmine shared it I bought it immediately haha!

This is our favorite single mini waffle maker.. We make waffles and eggs in it daily. It comes in lots of cute colors and often comes in seasonal shapes. We have the heart and the bunny from this past year. They sell out quickly.

This is our favorite gluten-free mix to make them with. I use it in everything.. I’ve tried so many and they don’t compare to this stuff. You can’t even tell the difference in taste.

I’ll link a bunch of our other favorite breakfast gadgets below!