Running into Summer with lululemon

Ahhh, you’ve seen the stories (which have been lacking lately because Braun is out of town a bunch for work lately..)… but Braun has totally dragged me along on this major running kick of his. I say drag, but it’s actually been fun and some of the only “us” time we get these days! I’ll take it however I can get it!

And since I am in workout clothes more often than I am in actual clothes, they are one of my favorite things to shop for! I knew that lululemon would have everything we needed for functional, yet flattering and practical gear. Summers here are HOT… so we needed something that would wick away all that extra sweat, but not feel like we are soaking in our running clothes. I swear running feels totally different in gear from lululemon.

Tank | Men’s Tights | Shorts

Hah! This is what you get when you ask Braun for a picture. Okay so Braun LIVES in these tank tops every time we travel to St. George. They are the Fast and Free tank. It’s designed with super breathable materials that wicks away sweat.. plus it is made with their No-Stink Zinc™ technology which eliminates odor-causing bacteria – major bonus. Please enjoy this photo for your viewing pleasure… Sorry (not sorry) Braun haha!

Braun also grabbed a couple pairs of running pants:

  • These ones are specifically made for running. They’re the Surge Hybrid Pants and are somewhere between leggings and joggers. They’re tight (with a four-way stretch), but not restrictive on his legs which is why he loves them. They are sweat-wicking and abrasion-resistant which is super nice when running some of the more mountainous or trail areas in St. George.
  • These ones are tight but they are weightless. These are the Surge Tights and they are made with their Nulux™ fabric which essentially feels like you are wearing nothing, Braun says it’s amazing to run in them! He never has to worry about hiking up his pants or adjusting with these. He wears them under shorts, so the shorts don’t rub on his legs either..

Tank | Men’s Tights | Shorts

These are the same lululemon pieces, plus his favorite tee the Drysense Short Sleeve, just different colors. Braun is a creature of habit for sure. I’ll link his from lululemon’s men’s running category below.. tap each picture to shop!


Top | Leggings | Belt Bag

I grabbed a few items for myself.. I can’t help it. Their stuff is too good! 

Top | Leggings | Belt Bag

This running outfit is one of my favorites.. I get so much use out of all these pieces. Not only are they great for running, but they are great for day to day wear too.

  • These Swift Speed High-Rise Tights are GOOOD. They have a front panel that sucks you in, pockets running down the legs and one in the back and they come in 2 lengths. So many color options too. They definitely are not see-through at all and I have been a huge fan of running in them! 
  • You guys know how much I seriously love this belt bag. I take it everywhere with me, but especially running. I either wear it like a sling bag (shown here) or like a fanny pack! It fits my phone and has organizational pockets for a couple of cards and my keys. It makes running so much easier and hands-free. Love this white color.. I also have a few others and they just came out with some new ones that are soo good! 
  • This tee.. I love these Love Crew Short Sleeve T-Shirts and have been buying them for years. It’s super cute with jeans too… I’ll throw it on over my sports bra before yoga and when I get too hot, I can take it off. It’s a Pima cotton Lyrcra blend so it has a bit of a stretch to it, but holds its shape well and doesn’t cling to me. It comes in a lot of color options too! 
  • The lululemon Aligns™ are another good option for leggings post run. They are so buttery soft but actually stay in place with a firm hold. Love the rise on them to suck everything in. They don’t roll down, fold, slip.. and they seriously feel like I’m wearing nothing.

Top | Shorts | Belt Bag

Another way to style this tee.. I paired mine with these shorts! They are high rise-mid length and I’m really happy with the fit of them.  I want them in every color..

Here’s the belt bag both ways:

Top | Leggings | Belt Bag

I shared this bra earlier in the week.. I have worn it twice this week! The length hits perfect with high-rise bottoms. It is medium support and I love that it’s the only top I have to wear. Best part? It does a great job at keeping sweat off of me… is there anything worse than boob sweat!? haha… I also love the Nulu™ Crop Yoga Tank Top… I know I’ve talked to you guys about it a few times, and it sold out last time! The thick straps give you extra support and I don’t need a bra under it. Super comfy + stays in place so I never have to adjust as I run.

Tank | Shorts

This tank is perfect for hot days.. the open hole/knit material allows the air to pass through and cool me down. I also love how airy these shorts are! The cute design on the side totally sold me. Plus, they feel like you’re wearing nothing.  I’ll link a bunch of my favorites below. Tap each picture to shop. 


Tee | Shorts

lululemon is, and continues to be one of my favorite places for workout apparel for Braun and I. This running gig has been fun, and I’m glad I can count on these items to hold everything in AND stay in place without drenching me in sweat.

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