Tech Tuesday: 10 Favorite Podcasts

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If only every time I listened to a podcast my house was this clean and quiet.. Truthfully, I’m usually listening while I run around a do chores or errands or while I’m driving. But hey, I think I’m the most productive while I’m listening and I’m at least usually that happy when I turn them on! I use the Podcasts app from the Apple Store to listen. Since most of my favorite podcasts are true crime, I listen on headphones.. I love my AirPods (i use the normal ones the most because they stay in better.. but a lot of people love the Pros) and these Bose headphones.

Here are my favorite podcasts:

#1: Crime Junkie

If you’re looking for some true crime start here. A new one releases every Monday. The girl who narrates them is reallllllly good at her job. She covers some high profile ones and also some smaller local murders too.

#2: Vaping Fix

This one is super interesting.. basically teaches you how vaping came about start to current. I recently finished this.. The initial idea was that two college graduates could save lives and rid the world of smoking.

#3: Dateline

Another true crime, you catching my podcast drift here?? Gimme all the crime please and thank you.. This one covers current and classic cases and goes pretty in depth.

#4: Mommy Dooms Day

This one is wild and I think I binged this in a day haha. Two children go missing from Idaho in 2019 and they cover it all in here…

#5: Cold

This one became popular a couple of years ago, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of it! It’s about a husband and wife and their sons… it happened here in Utah. That’s all the details I’m giving you.. You have to listen to this one.

#6: Red Collar

I’ve only listened to a couple episodes of this one but oh man.. it’s juicy. I just checked this morning and there are around 25 of them now and one just released this morning!! Best day ever, I was so excited. If you need me in the next couple of days – just send a text ’cause I won’t be stopping this Podcast for anything. These are all high-profile cases and all of them that I have listened to have been solved during the episode… I hate cold cases anything.. gimme the answers.

#7: The Dropout

This is three years of one investigation compiled.. it’s so interesting. It’s all about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. Basically a major fame gone wrong..

#8: Imagined Life

Okay this one is not true crime if you’re looking for something different. Basically it puts you in the shoes of a famous person for a day and drops hints along the episode to keep you guessing.. you get to know who at the end. It’s better than I can make it sound haha!

#9: Better Than Happy

This one is also not true crime. It’s been a game changer for my outlook. Jody, the author, walks through a million different aspects of life and provides insights on how to take it to the next level. This is a really good one for mindset/personal growth.

#10: Under the Influence

This is a new one for me.. it’s only going to hit home for a select crowd but as an influencer myself I find it super interesting! It’s all about the influencer start up and how we got here.

You guys have been begging me to make a highlight on all my faves, but this is a much better place to store them for me! Hopefully you can find something you love in here, or maybe all of them.. Either way, plug in while you’re trying to get something done and see how much more productive you can be! I like to try to see how much I can finish in one episode. It’s similar to my alarm technique!