My Hair Tool Kit + Essentials

Life is too short for your relationship with your kids to be ruined by unruly hair! How many times have you caught yourself yelling at your kids in the morning to grab a brush, some elastics, and/or begging them to do something “with that hair!”

I’m guilty of this!

And so I decided to do something about it. It’s a simple change but this quick hack has made me the MacGyver of hair and makes my mornings relatively pain and conflict-free!

Introducing the first AND last hair tool kit you’ll ever need! Swap out things as your kids get older and their needs change! I’ve even given these as gifts – every momma should have something super functional that makes wrangling kids and getting them somewhat put-together a bit easier. And now that we all have a little bit of time on our hands, you can build your own hair kit.

Here is what you will find in our hair box!

1) First off, the actual box is linked HERE. At less than $7 each, you might as well as get 2 so you have one for in the house and one for the car.

2) THIS squirt bottle fits perfectly but I also love THESE ones because they have continuous spray. You can keep the continuous spray bottle in the house and use THIS one that fits in the kit for the car!

3) THIS detangler is great – but any 12oz or less bottle should fit!

4) I bought 100 of THESE(colored) and THESE (solid black) and it was possibly one of my greatest purchases ever (but plan on shipping taking awhile.. they take the slow boat from China)

5) THIS comb is awesome. Perfect for parting the hair and smoothing it.

6) THESE bobby pins are the greatest of all time…I promise you won’t ever want Target or Wal-Mart ones again.

7) THESE hair clips are super inexpensive  ($5 for 4!) and they fit so much hair in them.

8) THESE brushes are awesome and also super cheap. A travel bottle of hair spray. I get it from the Target travel section.

9) Of course a bunch of scrunchies. THESE velvet ones are a favorite and THESE patterned ones are so cute too!

10) Oh, and I can’t forget about THIS little boy’s hair gel. It smells so good and works so well. 

This total kit won’t cost you more than $30 and will last you quite some time – easily a year or more! The only thing you ever have to replace are the elastics!

These are the essentials you need to be prepared at all times! Keep it in a kitchen drawer, in your car, or anywhere else you need to do hair while life keeps on going! Like this simple messy bun we did on Anisten:

You can see our hair tool kit in action AND learn how to do this simple messy bun:

Xx Tara

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