Nordstrom Summer Looks

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Life hack? Choose dogs that don’t leave fur everywhere so you can wear white all summer. Trust me. Or don’t, because I can’t really guarantee those paw prints won’t stain a nice white tee…

I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom a lot lately for some summer stuff because they carry a ton of brands that I love. Paying one price (or none) for shipping is the best because I can get it all in one place and meet their minimum! I found this super cute Madewell shirt there, and a ton of other things I liked!

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Nordstorm carries a huge stock of Madewell, which is definitely one of my favorite brands!

Shop my Madewell picks at Nordstrom to mix and match an outfit





From my most recent purchase I grabbed the following:

  1. Necklace – I love this necklace and you guys have had some really positive feedback with it also! The stars aren’t pokey at all.
  2. Shirt – This shirt is super flowy and comfortable. I love the stitching detail on it.
  3. Pants – Ugh, I’m sad these are sold out in black but I promise you they’re the most comfortable things. They are a linen blend. I’ll show you them in the yellow color below!
  4. Shoes – You guys ask me all the time where these are from! I got them at Nordstrom, but they’re Madewell brand. I love the wave detail on them.
  5. Crossbody – So I grabbed the black one initially (see below) but was hoping for the brown one… it was out of stock at the time but it’s back and I’m sad I missed it!! I loooove it in this brown color!

Sweatshirt | Pants | Shoes | Purse (only brown available)

These shoes aren’t Madewell – they’re Caslon and they are SO comfortable. Cushiony sole, love the straps + platform height. Grabbed them from Nordstrom too!

I also grabbed this short sleeve sweatshirt from Treasure + Bond, a Nordstrom Made company. You can shop my favorites by Nordstrom Made brands HERE. I grabbed some good stuff for daily wear and my backpacking trip!

You can totally find an outfit for any occasion at Nordstrom… with so many retailers I think it would be near impossible to not find something! They’ve got everything from a day at the gym to date nights or fancy wedding attire and even prom dresses. If you saw my IG stories the other day, I’m on the hunt for a dress in specific colors and I’ve already found a few good contenders.