November 2022 Amazon Purchases

Do my Amazon purchases show that I just bought 2 cats? You tell me! haha Lots of cat purchases and a few Christmas gifts from this past month.

There’s a little bit of everything on this one… Johnny B styling cream is what Braun and the boys use! It’s the best!

Floss threaders for braces – Anisten needed more, if you or a kid of yours is in braces these are ESSENTIAL for flossing, like you literally can’t floss without them.

The Purple pillow is on a few gift guides this year. It’s what Braun loves and a few of my kids have them. It’s made from the same material as the Purple mattresses is so it’s super comfy and self cooling!

Picked up the Levi Dad Jeans for Emery for Christmas! They are all the rage among teens right now.

You know I’m all about keeping things organized and this floss pick case was such a great find.

Are you wondering which one of my kids is wanting a gold chain for Christmas? It’s Dash… he loves wearing them!

Curling Iron – A great inexpensive option. Anisten needed one for herself!

Same goes for these makeup brushes, a great set that is decently priced.

Bruce and Frankie are quite the climbers and are constantly scratching us. I found these cat claw caps and about died at the cuteness! Pretty much press on nails for cats PLUS it keeps us safe from their sharp nails.

Odor preventing Pura Refills – These are awesome. I keep one right by the litter box to fight the nasty smell and it does a really good job.

This litter box would have been nice to use in the car on the way to St. George… I packed it for the house down there but should have had them use it IN the car. Super nice that it collapses!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure.

Is it weird to put cat food on here? hah I’ve bought it so many times this last month I might as well. Also, nobody told me how bad wet cat food smells!

Bruce and Frankie love these treats.

Pet food storage, super sleek and keeps Goldie OUT of it because of the lid.

I also bought these scented litter bags for the car ride and while in St. George and they work super well!

Can you sense a common theme of cat stuff? A scratching post is a must.. hoping it keeps them from ruining our furniture.

It’s that time of year that if our cars aren’t in the garage we have to scrape the windows.. one of my least favorite things to do. I swear we always loose them and have to buy new ones every year.. Plus, Em needed one for her car.

I also picked up this heavy duty ice scraper that has great reviews!

I knew the boys would love this basketball for Christmas.. so fun with the holographic type design.

Tricking Board – You might be wondering what this is.. It’s to practice tricks on the tramp with. It comes with a tramp too! Grabbed this for Dash for Christmas.

Have you guys seen these?! They are basically ear plugs on steroids. Braun bought them, they are Bose sleep headphones, they don’t play music, but instead hook to a specific app that plays calming sounds, nature sounds, and so much more to help you fall asleep. Perfect if your traveling and having to stay in the same room as someone.

Air mattress pump – These are essential, if you don’t have one you’re missing out.

Freeze dried marshmallows – Have you ever tried these? My whole family loves them.. pretty sure they are on a subscribe list. haha

The best gluten-free pancake mix.. needed to restock it!

I love the smell of this counter spray, super clean and fresh!

Okay I don’t love the pre-made protein drinks, but these Fairlife Core Power ones are GOOD. Taste just like chocolate milk and keep you full for so long.

Braun wanted to upgrade our crepe maker, this one is pretty dang slick!

I swear measuring cups go missing all the time around my house.. ordered a new set to hopefully have all the metrics I need.

If you’ve every flocked a Christmas tree you know that gloves are essential, I already have enough scratches from the cats I don’t need to add to them! 😂

Another subscribe one! This window cleaner is my favorite.. maybe that’s why the birds keep hitting my windows? haha