November Top Sellers

All the things you were loving the most in November 2022!!

Geometry Towels – You know my love for these! The most absorbent towel and the best patterns. They just had their big Black Friday sale. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can still use my code TARA for 15% off!

Shop Andi – The cutest hair accessories! Clips, scrunchies, headbands.. you name it they have it! They also have really great Apple Watch bands that are elastic. Stuff that will make great gifts for your girl’s friends or stocking stuffers. Code TARA for 15% off here!

Henry Clean – You guys went wild for this stuff and for good reason! It is a pet deodorizer (but can be used on whatever you would like). Their scents are soooo good and my dogs don’t have to smell like dogs, ya know? haha Code TARA for 20% off your order!

Our Place – The Always Pan is on sale for $99 right now! RUN. It makes the perfect gift for a loved one OR for yourself. Their pots and pans are all I use in my kitchen!

Phillips Trimmer – I’ve gotten a lot of DMs saying the men in your life are loving this! And for good reason, it really is the best trimmer, Braun has had his for years and it’s still so sharp.

Glossier Balm Dotcom – Makes the perfect friend gift for your girls or stocking stuffer! My girls love it!

Aerie Sweatshirt – Soooo comfy. It’s oversized and I love the length on it. Good to wear with jeans, leggings, sweats. 40% off right now!

Travis Matthews T-shirt – Braun’s favorite shirt that he didn’t want me to tell you about because he loves it so much and doesn’t want it to sell out.

MZ Wallace Sutton Bag – I LOVE these bags, super comfortable and lightweight. They can fit a great amount. I travel with the large one as my personal item on the plane.

Glossier Perfume – My girls love this one! A great Christmas gift for your teens.

Pill Organizer – Not just a pill organizer, I have one in my purse and one in my car. Perfect to keep everything in it’s place and to travel with.

Seamless Thong – The most comfortable thongs I’ve found.

Transparent sticky notes – So great for note taking in books or organizing. We have a huge stack of these at our house all the time.

Butter Crock – Fresh taking butter all the time! I love this thing because the butter is always soft. You put a little bit of water in the cup part and then place the butter in it, magic if you ask me.

Loopy Car Mount – The only mount I’ve found that works the a Loopy case! I put the magnet sticker in between my case and the phone (I don’t stick it to my phone) and it works great!

Magnetic Tiles – Hours and hours of play and would make the perfect Christmas gift. These are on sale for 50% off! Such a good deal.

Fuji Film Camera – Used this in Hawaii and loved it. It’s quite the learning curve, but it can simulates a whole bunch of different film which is so cool!

Kitchen Aid Slider Mat – This is one of those things that I wish I had thought of haha. Place it under your Kitchen Aid so you can maneuver it around with ease and without scratching your countertops.