There is nothing better then a comfy outfit!

I have this jacket in a few other colors, but they’ve never had this fun stitching. If you look closely you can see that it’s stars. The fit is amazing too.

I also own a few pair of these leggings, they suck ya in in all the right places.

Shoes are APL. They are some of my faves for lighter workout days.

The shirt I’m wearing underneath is actually a bodysuit. Once again, I own a few of these! Hey, if I like something I’m gonna keep buying it. I get the medium. I love it because it’s not a thong, it’s full coverage.

As always, my loopy case! I have had one these on my phone for like 8 years and it’s my saving grace when it comes to my phone not ending up on the floor. Code TARA10 saves you 10% on one case and TARA15 saves you 15% on 2 or more!