2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

It’s hard to shop for the men in our lives! Here are some of Braun’s faves from over the years.

Vessel Golf Bag – Probably one of the sleekest golf bags I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Braun. This bag is so nice!

Tommy John Pajamas – The only pajamas Braun and I will wear. There are so many different style options to fit what you like. Personally I like the second skin ones.

Phillips Trimmer – One of the top sellers of 2022 and for good reason! This bad boy is amazing at getting all the hair and getting a crisp line. I also use it to cute my boys’ hair, there’s tons of attachments that come with it too.

Qalo Ring – Silicone rings are great for traveling, working out, or every day wear. These specific ones look more like a ring then silicone, if that makes any sense.

Andar Oxford Bag – High quality and a great toiletry or travel bag! Code TARA for free shipping on orders over $59.

Coconu – They don’t call it “love day” for nothing! If you’ve been searching for a lube, look no further. You’re husband will love you for this one. I prefer the oil based, but the water and hemp based are amazing too! Code TARA will save you.

Apple Watch Ultra – This is the ultimate sports watch Apple has recently come out with. Water resistant and made with titanium. It’s got a HUGE watch face. Braun really like his!

Center Console Organizer – Braun is the most organized person that I know and so having a center console organizer like this one would be perfect for him.

Stance No Show Socks – The whole fam loves these ones. The butter blend ones are soooo soft and they don’t fall of your feet!

Mini Theragun – We both like this one because it’s compact enough to bring along anywhere. Really helps to loosen up those muscles and knots.

Andar Wallet – I’ve gifted these to all the men in our family, they are the best wallets and have the coolest features! Code TARA for free shipping on orders over $59.

Purple Pillow – This is made with the same stuff that their mattresses are, the honeycomb latex! It’s cooling and never falls flat either! I think everyone in my family has one of these bad boys by now. We love them.

LuluLemon Joggers + Hoodie – Remember when Braun boycotted LuluLemon? Well he’s all for it now, and for good reason. They really do have some of the greatest loungewear, including these joggers and hoodie!

Stanley Tumbler – If your significant other doesn’t have one of these bad boys, it’s time to give in and get them one! There’s a reason almost everyone has them, they are a dang good tumbler! I don’t leave the house without mine.

Louis Vuitton Meteore Cologne – Another one of Braun’s favorite colognes!

Nomadic Travel Bag – This has so many many pockets for organization, it’s compact, and can be worn as a backpack or duffle!

Foot File – As gross as it is, this gets allll the dead skin off and calluses off.

Smart Thermometer – If you’ve got a man you likes to good, this smart meat thermometer is awesome! It connects to your phone for added convenience.

Tumi Backpack –  Braun travels A LOT and this is his go to backpack for that!

Slippers – Brauns fave slippers!

Le Labo Cologne – Santal 33 – Braun wears 5 cologne’s and this is one of the 5. Smells so good.

Oura Ring – Not only does this look great, but it tracks so many things! Sleep, breathing, heart rate. It’s insane to me that something so small can do that.

Anker Portable Charger – If you’ve been around awhile you know that these are our favorite charges. This one is tiny but mighty and can charge a phone like 10 times and a laptop around 2 times!

Peak System Phone Case – This is awesome! The case a square on the back that attaches into all of their products. They have car mounts, bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, wallets, tripods, wall mounts, charging stands… I’m telling you this thing is COOL.  

Copper Ember Mug – I’ll be drinking my Perk out of this from here on out. You can control the temperature from an app too!

Tesla Car Mount – These are the ones we have in our cars and love them! They are low profile which is great.

Bearby Weighted Blanket – You know how some weighted blankets are an eye sore? Well this one is not! I have the Tencel one so it’s not hot and love it.

Bose SleepBuds – These are like tech ear plugs. They don’t play music or podcast and only connect to the Bose Sleep app to play nature noise, white noise, calming music, etc. Perfect if your traveling, sleep next to a snorer, or are a light sleeper. So many of you have loved these!

Screen Cleaning Mist – I picked this up last month and have loved the convenience of it! Throw it in your bag and go, no need to pack a towel around with ya.

Pickle Ball Paddle – We are obsessed with Pickle Ball and it’s so fun to play when it’s warm outside. The whole fam gets super into it. This is a great paddle!

Pickle Ball Bag – If ya get the paddle, might as well get the bag to haul everything around too!

Conversation Starters – I love going through these with the Braun. You can learn so much about your spouse from these cards. It’s a lot of fun.

Melvin Hat – If you see Braun wearing a hat, it’s probably this one!

Peak Design Wallet Attachment – When I tell you Braun is in love with this product I mean it! You can take the wallet attachment off and there are so many other systems you can switch it out with.

Golf Balls – Never have enough of these.

AirPod Max Headphones – Braun and I both have pair of these and love them. Amazing sound quality and comfortable!

AirPod Max Case – Love, love, love this leather case! There are a few colors to choose from too!