I feel like sleeping in PJs vs. not is a hot topic. I love a good pair of PJs though!

My favorites typically come from Tommy John (my bras too!). HERE is the set I’m wearing now. I have sooo many favorites by Tommy John though… HERE is a blog post showing a bunch of them with images so you can see fits. My code turns on and off with them, but try TARA25 to save 25% on your order! Stay true to size.

My Smiley Slippers are from Amazon. My girls and I all have them! I got Em hers for her birthday (see Em’s birthday gift wishlist HERE) and Anisten her’s for her birthday (you can see her birthday gifts here!) They’re super comfortable… stay true to size!

As always, I’m sporting my Loopy case (since 2014ish!). My code TARA10 works on one, and TARA15 works on multiple. This is their new sage color and I love it! Green is my fave.