Emery’s Birthday List

I’m going to preface this by saying this was *very* wishful thinking on her part haha. She will for sure not be receiving everything on here, but you guys alllllways ask me for gift ideas for this age so I thought I’d throw it up anyway.

  1. Converse – She ended up buying the converse on her own before her birthday, so I definitely didn’t get her those. Thankfully I did not have to go on a wild goose chase for these because the Snorkel Blue color is apparently limited edition and extremely hard to find. Her list was snorkel blue or red converse high-tops though, so I’ll link the red ones HERE
  2. Limelight Dunks – The 80s called, it wants it’s neons back Em…. whew. These are bright! But she really, really wants them haha. Have you tried Women’s Air Jordans? They are incredibly comfortable.
  3. AirPod Pros – we did get her these! They’re $50 off right now if you’re looking for a pair for a gift or for yourself. I debated back and forth on these because they are expensive… In the long run, she just steals mine anyway so it was worth it to get her, her own pair. They are super noise canceling so they really do help her focus while she is doing her school work.
  4. AirPod Case – there are soooo many options on Amazon for super cheap. This is the one I grabbed for her!
  5. Northface Jacket – I can’t believe this is considered 1996 Retro… haha
  6. Carhartt Beanies – It makes me laugh so hard that these were for woodsy/redneck people 5 years ago, and now you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone in Carhartt. It could be worse, they’re cute and super warm so I’ll take this trend over cute and not warm haha.
  7. Earrings – Em got some gold Madewell earrings from her cute Aunt during her wedding and she loved them! She really wanted silver ones, so I grabbed these medium size ones and these small size ones.
  8. Overalls – another trend I’m shocked is coming back around, buuuuut here we are. These ones from FP are super comfortable and run a bit big so size down a size. She loved the dark demin + black when we went to Free People and tried them on in store.
  9. Lash Lift – We’ve been using this stuff forever. It’s on sale right now! This is the tint we use with it.
  10. Glossier Boy Brow – She has a whole cart of stuff she wants at glossier – you can see her faves on this tween/teen makeup blog post HERE… but she’s out of boy brow so we grabbed that for her!
  11. Nomination Bracelet – How many of you dug out your nomination bracelets after my stories?!? Haha. Etsy has SO many options!! I got everything for hers from this cute shop HERE. I’m so glad I pulled this one off.
  12. Spoon Rings – I thought these three were super cute… one, two, three
  13. Brush – this is specifically for coil curls like Em’s! All of her curly hair favorites are linked HERE in this blog post.
  14. The COMFY!!