T(w)een Makeup

I think one of my most common FAQs when I share about makeup products I use is if I would let my girls wear it! So here’s a run down of their current favorite stuff. If you’re looking for t(w)een skincare, HERE is my blog post on that 🙂

  1. Tarte Shape Tape – My girls both use this! They use the ultra creamy version. It’s a great concealer and has 24hr moisturization. It’s also 12 hour crease proof!
  2. Glossier Cloud Paint – This is a blush, and it’s for sure a favorite. They have it in three shades: puff, dusk + beam. It’s a gel cream, super super easy to use! It goes on pretty sheer + it’s buildable.
  3. Thrive Causemetics Tubing Mascara – I refuse to let my girls wear anything except tubing mascara. I absolutely hate seeing girls (or even adults) with black all around their eyes from bad mascara haha. I personally love this one from shine (Code TARA), but here is a veryyyy good dupe from target!
  4. Goals – This is Anisten’s favorite lip product!! She wears goals lip gloss by shine all the time. The clear gloss is also great! (Code TARA)
  5. Juicy Lips – This is Emery’s favorite lip product (one of my faves, too!). This set of 4 is an incredible deal! $35 for 4 of them.. but here’s the link to just one – $19.
  6. Eyelash Separator – This removes any and all mascara clumps that may happen and makes lashes look longer!
  7. Shine Blush Stick – Another version of blush, Anisten prefers this one! It comes in a few really great colors. It can actually be used on eyes, lips + face!! (Code TARA)
  8. Eyelash Curler – They use this before mascara! Adds volume.
  9. Glossier Boy Brow – Em uses this stuff! It’s a brushable wax that shapes + thickens your brows. You can choose a color or get it in clear.
  10. No. 7 Mascara – We always have this in our house. The girls + I both use this tubing mascara! I love that it holds and doesn’t get black crap all around your eyes!
  11. Shine Bronzer – Brave or Fierce are their color go-tos! HERE is a cheaper bronzer from amazon they used to use before shine!
  12. Dime Lash Serum – Honestly every time I share dime, it’s ALWAYS asked if I’d let my girls use this because they’re all clean ingredients and the answer is always YES! They use this daily. Emery doesn’t know it yet but they’re launching a new brow boost gel at the end of the month and I know she will want it. We all apply the lash serum to our brows right now.
  13. Laneige Lip Products – They use a bunch of different stuff from Laneige.. This lip mask for sure, we all use! It’s the best. They like these glosses. The mask is technically for overnight, but it glosses + is so super hydrating so it’s definitely something you can wear daily too.
  14. Beauty Blenders – we get all of ours from Shine! (Code TARA)
  15. Milk Blush Stick – Em really likes Milk products, too! The blush stick works on both lips + cheeks!
  16. Milk Highlighter – The favorite highlighter for both girls! They have lit + turnt. It’s super convenient, just swipes across the cheek. No brush needed!
  17. Shine BB Cream – They do not use a full foundation yet, lucky them!! But when they do, this is what they will be using. (Code TARA)

Hopefully this helps! I’d love to know if your kiddos used something and loved it!! Share it once you get it and tag me on IG!!