Finding allll the cute dresses lately.. Hello Target dress!! Best part? It comes in mauve guys, my fave!!!!

I showed this about a month ago on stories when I was searching for a dress for the white-out masquerade I went to.. At the time it was almost completely sold out buuuut, it’s back in both mauve + cream + full stock! Stay true to size.

My bracelets are Budha girl. HERE are the patterned ones + HERE are the solid ones. Those solid ones are amazing… remember the jelly shoes?? They’re made out of that material it feels like. They never make any noise whatsoever and they’re completely weatherproof! There are a ton of color options.

Here are my shoes! Braun has a pair too.. we like these a lot. Love that they can just be sprayed off with the hose if they get dirty.

This iridescent loopy case is definitely my favorite they’ve launched… ever! If you’re getting the iPhone 13 they’ll launch those on Friday. You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks.