T(w)een Skincare

Apparently it’s tween blog post week over here! I did back to school clothes here…I really didn’t know how many of you had t(w)eens out there until I did the Tween Bra Blog Post awhile back! I put a suggestion box on stories and so many of you replied with amazing and helpful answers, and even more of you with something like “please share! my daughter is SO picky!!”… Another topic I get asked about all the time is what face products Emery and Anisten use and if I let them use the same stuff I do. I asked Em to round up all the things she uses on a regular basis and this is what she gave me:

  1. Tula Cleanser – Em’s favorite is by far The Cult Classic. Just like me, she’s tried a bunch of other companies also but we always retreat back to Tula. She also likes the foaming one, but would pick The Cult Classic over it anyway! If you buy it here off Tula’s website you can use code: TARATHUESON and save 20% off your order + the mystery product sale is still happening!
  2. Rael Pimple Patches – These ones are pretty inexpensive AND free-from all terrible chemicals. They also don’t dry out skin. All of us use them. We’ve tried others like The Mighty Patch, Hero Patches, etc but these work the best. There’s a few different types. We primarily use these (the red package), but we do keep these (green package) on hand for under-the-skin stuff. Here’s a trial set with both!! Amazon says I’ve ordered the red package 5 times, and I know I’ve grabbed them a bunch at target haha. They also have a purple package for hot spots… it covers a larger section like your chin area right under your lip, etc. Here’s a set with all 3!
  3. Cerave Moisturizing Lotion – Emery was getting little irritated bumps on her forehead when she was using thicker face creams so we tried this and those seem to be almost completely cleared up! Its really nice because the morning one has SPF! Here’s the night time one.
  4. Native Deodorant – Another product our whole entire family uses. It’s free-from all the junk. See the trend here? I try to keep the girls using the cleanest stuff out there.
  5. Tubby Todd Lotion – Listen, this stuff is totally not just for littles haha. Emery, Anisten + I all use this.. PLUS the boys! The packaging is adorable and it smells soooo good. They have an entire ingredients list on their site, it’s purpose + which products they are in. They are super transparent and use the best things in their products. I don’t have a code, but if you follow this link it applies 15% off at checkout — even off their discounted sets!
  6. Billie Razor – Shaving teens is a little weird.. I have a whole blog post on the whole “readiness” of that HERE, and a breakdown of the billie stuff HERE. Anyway, if your teen is shaving and isn’t using Billie, I’m going to bet they have razor burn or use annoying shaving gel?? The Billie is hands down the best. The charcoal around the edge eliminated the need for shaving gel, which is super convenient for kids in a hurry. My girls do like the shaving cream though and use it occasionally, especially when Utah weather is extra dry. I do love the auto ship, because I don’t think my girls would everrrrr remember to tell me in time that they needed a new razor head. It’s only $9 to get started and then $9 every time a refill ships (you choose how often!)
  7. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel – This is just basically a strong acne medication for when or if their breakouts get bad. Em uses it over night. This is the same stuff doctors prescribe, it’s just an off brand version!
  8. Laneige Lip Gloss – Again, another free-from product.. this lip gloss is super hydrating! If you look at the products in most, they are actually designed to dry out your lips so you use it more… Crazy. It’s got a shiny gloss finish. I’m almost positive my girls have every scent. If they remember they also use this.. it’s an overnight lip mask and seriously is like a miracle in a tiny container for dry lips! It’s small but lasts forever, a little bit goes a long way.
  9. Skin Bae – My friend Jenna makes this! It’s a little on the pricey side but you only need a tiny bit everyday. After the girls do their normal face routine and let it sit for 20 minutes before applying anything else to their faces. It’s completely made out of super high quality essential oils.

I hope this has been helpful and answered a lot of your questions! (PS.. I know I still haven’t answered the makeup question.. that’s coming soon, I promise!) All of these things are super great products and safe for faces. I try my very best to only incorporate “clean” beauty items into their routines (and my own!) and now when they’re picking out products they look for that themselves.