T(w)een Back to School Clothes

Sooo, if you saw my stories the other day you know we’ve been behind on the girls back to school clothes shopping. It’s hard, guys, this age is hard! I’ve been told that mom jeans + graphic tees is the style this year.. Emery is somewhere between thrifting and wanting reeeal expensive stuff that she saves and splurges on. Anisten is somewhere in the middle keeping things pretty neutral. If you saw those stories you probably also saw that I took super cute first day of school pictures that don’t actually exist because there was no memory card in my camera. Epic fail… I did snap a couple pics of Anisten after school, though 🙂

T-Shirt | Jeans | Bracelets | Sneakers | Backpack

I’ll chat more about the places we shopped below… but here was her first day outfit! This T-Shirt is from PacSun, pants are from Abercrombie (still having a huge sale.. b3g2free!!) and shoes are Nike unfortunately the mauve color is sold out buuuut the cheetah ones are CUTE!! Her backpack is from Target, it’s only $25 and I love love love the textures on it! I’ll show it more below.

T-Shirt | Jeans | Bracelets | Sneakers | Backpack

There’s plenty of room in this backpack for everything she has to carry plus her lunch stuff (see my lunch blog post HERE!). She loves that there’s handles at the top to carry as well as the shoulder straps. The side pockets are big enough to fit any type of water bottle, even Stanleys!

Abercrombie jeans have been Anisten’s go to for so long now. They’re soft. If you’re a parent, I feel like you probably know the importance of that. Anything stiff or rigid all of my kids completely refuse to wear. Anisten is in a weird sizing spot between kids, but not quite into junior/adult sizes, but Abercrombie has always fit her great. She’s worn these jeans for a few years now. I’ll link her faves below:

Mango!! Have you guys heard of them yet?!?! They have some super cute stuff, both of my girls really like it! They have some cute dresses, skirts, shirts, tanks, and graphic tees! We haven’t branched out and ordered jeans yet from them because the girls are so partial to Abercrombie but they have cute ones. Linking some cute Mango stuff below, tap the pics to shop or click HERE for their site 🙂

PacSun has a ton of super cute graphic tees. We placed a pretty large order here for them for Anisten! Here’s a bunch of cute ones. My favorites she has is this moon + sun, “it’s only up from here” + this good day T-shirt.

Comfies are definitely a necessity for my girls. One thing I love is that after the first week of school (aka fashion week according to Em) they bust out the comfies during the school week. One thing about being comfy?? You aren’t distracted by your dang clothes while you’re trying to accomplish something. Even I work better in my PJs! Anyone else?! Old Navy is tough for clothes for their age right now..They do have a tween section on their site HERE, it isn’t huge and a lot of stuff is still geared at the littler crowd BUT they have the best comfy stuff!! Most of the page is athletic wear + comfies, haha!

Both girls also really love Target + Cottonon for graphic and plain tees. Cottonon only goes to size 10, and their sizes run a little small so they’ve both almost outgrown this store (insert super sad face… when did they grow up!?) but their tees are currently BOGO 50% off, and they have a ton of cute ones! Cottonon does have a women’s section which I’m sure they’ll be checking out soon too. Ughhhh.

Any other parent dread buying shoes?? haha it’s the worst knowing they’ll just grow out of them. It was easier to buy for Emery *thinking* Anisten would use them after but they’re either ruined by then or don’t fit her haha. I’m hoping Em’s feet are almost done or are done growing because she splurged on the heart pair of converse and she loves them so much. Anisten picked Nike Blazers, both high and low tops + both girls love the Nike Air Force 1s. The pink ones are so cute! Everyone in my house owns Vans. The classic slip ons are the best ones!

I have a whole blog post on t(w)een bra choices HERE. It includes my girls’ and what you all suggested! I’ll link Em + Anisten’s faves below. The blog post has a lot more info though 🙂

I would LOVE to hear what your T(w)een’s favorites are. I know we still struggle sometimes even with having tried and true. Hopefully this gives you a few good ideas 🙂 Is your state in the same trend as Utah with the mom jeans + graphic tees?