Back to School – Lunch Supplies!

It’s time to send those littles (and bigs) back to school… can you even believe it?!?! I mean, I can because I’ve been secretly counting down the days… shhhhhh. I love my kids but summers are hectic! I can’t believe that I have a high schooler… ugh. It just doesn’t even seem possible. No matter how old, my kids literally use the same lunch stuff…. right down to the cute notes I put in there!! I’ll share our faves here 🙂

1. Lunch Boxes

I’ve shared these target ones before + all the kids use them! There are a ton of color options and they fit our favorite Bento Boxes perfectly. But literally yesterday my friend needed shoes before heading to Mexico + I saw in famous footwear that they had these Nike ones on BOGO 50% off.. They’re coated so they will look nice forever!! The boys will love these. We use the Yumbox to hold the food so things don’t get smooshed (I’ll link it next).

2. Yumbox Bento Box

The Yumbox Bento Box comes in a few super cute colors! (more girly colors are available HERE with the cutest in-lay) The case itself is hard, which is really nice so no food gets smooshed. They are sectioned out really nicely for protein, dairy, grains, veggies and fruit portions – plus a little spot for sweets or dip! The latch is super easy to use which is so important for little-littles. The top seals to it really well so nothing leaks around inside of the box or to the outside of the box once the lid is closed… no more baggies or multiple containers!! I will say I hear really good things about the Bentgo boxes too.. they’re essentially the same thing buuuuuut we have never ever had a problem with the Yumbox so we stick with it.

3. Lunchbox Notes

Alllllll of my kids still love getting these and they’re something I will forever do even when they don’t. Sorry guys, I’m THAT mom.. I just love sending them a cute little pick-me-up for them to see 🙂 The Little Letters for Lunch have been a go to for me for a couple of years now but these scratch off notes look super fun!!

4. Ice Packs

We use these Yumbox Ice Packs! They’re CUTE colors. You don’t usually find that in an ice pack haha. They stay cold well through lunchtime. A pack of 4 is only $10! They worked well for us because there were 2 girlish colors and 2 boyish colors. It fits really well with our favorite Yumbox bento lunchbox! The pineapple ones and penguins ones are way cute too.

5. Water Bottles

I’m sure you guessed it, but our kids are using these Stanleys this year! They come in a bunch of cute colors and don’t leak. They have the 22oz for school. In prior years we used and loved hydro flask too.

6. Oatmeal (or soup/cereal) Containers

My kids eat breakfast at school sometimes, or at their morning break. Or in the car while we are on our way. Anyone else this way?? Haha. Em likes parfaits, the rest of my kiddos like oatmeal. These containers are great and include sporks so they can put anything in here! These are great, too (especially in the car… hello handles)! Things stay hot and cold as long as you need them to.

7. Parfait/Veggie + Dip Cups

Please, no controversy haha. These parfait cups are great! Emery takes one every day. The granola stores above the yogurt so it isn’t mushy by the time she eats it. They’re also amazing for veggies and ranch or Italian dressing.. fruit and yogurt dip.. you name it! If you really wanted your kiddos to bring home hot yogurt juice you could totally wash and reuse them. It’s a no from me, but you do you. We don’t use plastic baggies for lunches.. so we are still out here saving the planet one way or another.

That’s all of our favorites! I’d love to hear what yours are if you use something else. I’m feeling so happy that I get to pack lunches for my kids to go to school in-person every single day this year!!