Cute New Walmart Finds!

Partnership with Walmart

Some of these Walmart Finds you guys have totally seen before (but they’re that good, new styles of it available or restocked!), some are new arrivals.


This dress was a new find! I really needed something with longer sleeves as the weather cools off. It comes in a few cute color options, of course, I grabbed multiple. I make fun of Braun for having so many of the same things, but I find myself doing the same waaaaaay too often, haha! The sleeve length is great, and I love that you can still see any cute bracelets you wear. The dress length is also perfect. It hits just a bit above the knees.


Walmart always has a cute selection of Women’s dresses. I’ll link some of my faves from their site below. I also grabbed this flutter sleeve one!

Ttap the arrows to see more cute Walmart dresses 🙂

Sweater | Slippers | Pants

You guys all know I really love my walmart sweatshirts and sweaters, too! I recently found this one and love it! It comes in five different colors… I grabbed the Rose Smoke color + the Burnt Rosemary color. The pink is a medium, but I think I like the way the small in the rosemary fits the best. It’s pretty stretchy and doesn’t cling to you at all.

PS… These pants, super comfy. They’re jogger style.. but demin. It’s a dream. Multiple colors/washes available!

I shared this one on Emery yesterday on stories. They’re only available online, but trust me when I say they’re soooo soft and so comfy! They’re tunic length, fleece sweatshirts, so they’d be perfect with leggings. Em was wearing the sage color. All of the color options are above, just tap through or tap each pic to shop!

Sweater | Slippers | Pants

Loving this one too. True to size in this one!

Here’s a few other cute sweaters I like. Walmart has a great selection right now, even some on preorder! Tap the pics below to shop them.

Shirt | Pants | Slippers

Did you think you’d make it though a whole blog post without seeing a cute sweat set?? Not happening. You guys know I love just about anything with cute stars and moons on it… These pants + this top are super comfortable and so dang cute. I also love it in the camel top + bottoms set. You bet I’ll be wearing this more than just to bed! Stars are my jam.

I know I’ve shared these slippers approximately 100 times with you, but seriously I love them! They’re the best. The bottoms are hard, so you can do anything with them. They recently came out with this sherpa cheetah pair instead of the furry cheetah ones this year and both my sis and I love them! Linking them all for you below – just tap whichever you want! 🙂

They finally came out with new washes in the pants the boys love! I went to look for the picture of them in the pants to remind you how much they love them and I kinda fell down the rabbit hole…. Look how much the boys have grown! ughhhhhh. They’re way cute and have been wearing these pants since 2018!!

Dash + Jett’s Pants

If you needed more proof that they love these pants… here’s four years of it haha. If you ask them, they’ll tell ya they love them because they’re soft + they can move around in them good. Plus, poor Jett, they’re just about the only thing that fits him well at all. If you’re a parent, you totally know all about needing “soft” clothing items.

I grabbed these cute sweat sets for the boys.. the quality and material is great. In years past I haven’t loved the colors, so I’m happy they’ve come out with some good ones this year. I’ll link them all below.

Here’s a bunch of other cute boy stuff from Walmart! Tap though using the arrows.

That wraps it up for my recent finds, buuuuut I did want to let you know, my boys have let me know that Walmart’s toy catalogue is finally out… They can get to searching, haha! They have it broken out by age, super convenient!