Just in case blue isn’t your color…. Here’s this sweater set in the plum jam combo. I’m telling you, this is amazing. It’s sweater material, a little bit of variation in it – but not itchy or scratchy at all. It’s like snuggling up with a cloud.

Just in case the full set isn’t your jam, here is the top with a cute pair of jeans. The bottoms would be super cute with a white tee (like my fave free people one.. just remember to size up 1-2 sizes if you don’t love a cropped fit!). So really it’s like 3 outfits in one set.. sounds like a win to me.

These boots are super comfortable.. they don’t rub the back of my foot like I was worried about. They are a teeny bit stiff (they hold their shape) at first but the leather is super soft and they do break in quickly! I love that they’re breathable with the lattice design.. no sweaty feet here haha.

These jeans are from Free People… I’ll be real honest though, I can barely breathe in them. Definitely size up 2 sizes. I’ll be sending these babies in for exchange. They are so darn cute though + I love the color! This is the Jazz Beginning wash. They’re a cropped length which is perfect for these shoes and have a button fly.

This iridescent loopy case is definitely my favorite they’ve launched in awhile.. I used the silver glitter one for a hot minute, but this one… I just love it. You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks!