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My Shoes | Jett’s Shoes

Does anyone else treat themselves when you do your kids back to school shopping?? I usually do when I take the girls shopping, but I definitely did when I did shoes… I can’t resist a cute pair of sneakers! You for sure already know about Jett’s. Say it with me… *Nike Flex Runners* haha.

I know I share these all of the time… buttttttt that just means that we truly do LOVE them so much around here. Nike Flex Runners are the boys’ favorite sneaker, hands down. They are super easy to put on and take off, which is super nice and worry-free to send them to school in them. The material is thin and breathable, so they don’t come home with ridiculous stinky, sweaty feet.

My Shoes | Jett’s Shoes

Jett’s Vans

When did ya go and get so big Jett?!?!? Ughhhhh, my baby isn’t really a baby anymore. We will be sending him off to full-day Kindergarten this year and I can’t even believe it! Vans are probably the one shoe that everyone in our household has, wears often + loves!! This bronze color is super cute. Anisten has them too! I’ll link some of our other favorite shoes below:

Jett’s Vans

I use Zappos a lot of the time when ordering shoes, but that’s all I associated it with.. wanna know what else they have?! Literally everything! I was so surprised to see that they had a full line up of women’s, kid’s, home, accessories with a lot of my favorite stuff included!!

Women’s Clothing

Embroidered Shirt

Their Madewell selection was huuuuge! That white embroidered top is one of my faves, along with my puff sleeve sweatshirt that I have in almost every color that you saw me in a ton this spring. I’ll link a bunch of the women’s stuff below, or shop HERE for the full collection of women’s things 🙂

Women’s Accessories

And some of my favorite accessories?!?! You see me with my Madewell Transport tote often! I think this woven one is super cute, too!! I also have these Ray Bans + I’m always wearing a paperclip chain necklace these days 🙂 I’ll link some accessories below or shop HERE for all women’s accessories!

Home Goods

Stanleys, hydro flasks, barefoot dreams… what!?!? I was seriously so surprised to find all of these brands on the site. Where have I been?! haha. You know how much we love our Stanley cups.. the kids all got to choose one for school this year. They have good color options and they fit in cupholders. The flip top lid is super nice for no spills. Click through the image below or tap HERE for all home items!


This was a category on their site I was suuuuuper happy to see. Uniforms do make life easy, because we aren’t fighting with Jett on what he needs to wear… but shopping from a million different places is hard + frustrating. Zappos has pulled together a lot of great brands and made a whole uniform section on their website. A lot of items are gender neutral polos, but they do have a lot of selection for boys + girls. I’ll link some stuff below, but seriously you should check out their website!

Not only does Zappos have a large and wide variety of products, but they also have an excellent customer service team available 24/7 and a 365 day return policy + a 30 day Runliminted guarantee program.. Are you a student, teacher or military member??!? There’s always a special promotion for you!

Can’t forget about THESE cute church shoes! My boys have worn these forever 🙂

I’m so excited that Zappos really is one of those one-stop-shop places for all things from wardrobe to home refresh. But I have to know, did you know they were before now!?! I feel like I’ve been left in the dark! Ha. If you didn’t, you should totally spend some time playing around on their site because they have SO many cute and fun things I didn’t even mention here!!