Our Place Annual Spring Sale

Partnership with Our Place + ShopStyle Collective

I think I’ve gifted something from Our Place every single holiday since I’ve started using items from the brand myself.. I look forward to the spring sale every year for Mother’s Day gifting. You bet I’ve already shopped it this year — so if you’re a family member who happens to be my mom.. please stop reading now 😂 Anyway, their entire site is up to 20% off right now including discounts on their Home Cook Duo (the Always Pan and Perfect Pot combo) set!

Perfect Pot  | Always Pan | Sm. Plate | Lg. Plate | Sm. Bowls | Lg. Bowls | Cups

Their stuff is some of my favorites, not only because it’s incredibly user friendly, but because it’s also dang cute. Look at how the cups, plates + bowls nest together perfectly.. it’s like a dream! haha. I usually have an Always Pan sitting on my stove for decor even when I’m not cooking in it! 🙂 The boys did me a huge *favor* and cooked “dinner” for us.. In Braun’s world – that equals breakfast. Haha. But, I thought it would be good to snap a few pictures because I feel like eggs are seriously one of the foods I used to dread cooking because it stuck to my old pans all the time. We’ve had our Always Pan for some time now, and still no sticking! Their durable, non-stick ceramic coating is nontoxic, free of Teflon, PTFEs and PFA.

Small Our Place Bowls

But how cute is Dash!? I love that he’s starting to help with more and more things around the house. He’s a perfect egg cracker and takes a lot of pride in shell-less cracks haha! 😊 See what I mean about cute + functional, though?? I know in my family’s “best dishes”, egg cracking and scrambling with a fork probably wouldn’t have been allowed… They would be up in a cabinet and never touched (amiright?!!? Haha!) I don’t have to worry about these getting ruined at all.. the quality is awesome. These Tiny Bowls are new to us.. this is actually the first time for them being used, hah! They are a perfect size for a few eggs, a small bowl of cereal, rice, side salads, dips, appetizers, desserts.. you name it. They also can go in the oven!! The large bowls are awesome for soups, salads, big bowls of cereal, etc!

Our Place Bowls | Always Pan

See that strainer in the bottom right hand corner?? It’s draining the excess grease from the bacon.. genius B! He put paper towels under it to soak it up. That strainer also works as a steamer, and so many other things + comes with the Always Pan when you purchase!! I’ll show you a couple more pictures of the bacon making below..

Always Pan | Perfect Pot | Plates

Braun looks equally as surprised at all of the beggars in this house! Haha. They all ended up getting bacon, I’m quite sure of it. Here’s a better view a the bacon drip in action! It wasn’t really a thrilling dinner, but, it was one I didn’t have to make.. so I guess I will be grateful! 😉 The Always Pan washed up awesome + didn’t stay tacky or greasy from the bacon, and there wasn’t any egg gunk left behind either.. so it made for an easy clean up. Our Place lined the Perfect Pot with their signature non-toxic, nonstick ceramic just like the Always Pan has. Hallelujah. There’s really no chore worse than cleaning and scrubbing pots and pans with gunk stuck to them. I just wipe it down with the natural sponge they send with any purchase and everything comes right off.

Perfect Pot | Cutting Board | Knives | Always Pan

My favorite thing to cook in my Perfect Pot  is my creamy creamy chicken noodle soup! It’s gluten-free and dairy-free. Recently I’ve also baked my sourdough loaves in it too, it goes right in the oven up to a certain temp (also making it perfect for one pot meals like baked ziti, etc!).

They also have some new items that I don’t even have yet!! I’ll be grabbing some items for family + some for myself.. haha! Here are some of the new items they’ve got:

Perfect Pot  | Always Pan | Sm. Plate | Lg. Plate | Sm. Bowls | Lg. Bowls | Cups | Knives

Their knives have also replaced our old kitchen knives.. They’re SO dang sharp + I didn’t realize a handle or grip on a knife made so much difference until I started using these. Their patented pinch grip makes the knife feel more like an extension of your hand than an awkward kitchen gadget. Our Place knives makes chopping safer, quicker and more seamless AND they’re CUTE! There are so many colors available.. even lavender! You can get them for up to 20% off now..

Not only is Mother’s Day coming up and you’re probably thinking about hosting, you might also be thinking of gifting too.. Our Place makes the perfect gift for any mom – or has the cutest hosting materials out there!! These have seriously become a staple in my house, I don’t cook with anything else anymore! The whole site is up to 20% off.. the bundles like the Home Cook Duo which were already discounted, are also on sale and discounted further.. such a good deal!