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Many of you know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Each Sunday our ward members meet to worship and learn the Gospel. But due to the growing Covid-19 pandemic, our church leaders have temporarily suspended Church services. Because of this change in our worship services, we have been advised to hold church at home.

Come, Follow Me

Our Church has always encouraged home study. And in 2019 they introduced the Come, Follow Me initiative. It’s comprised of home-centered and Church-supported curriculum. And is meant to be used in individual and family studies.

This initiative has been such a blessing in our home. Not only has it brought us closer as a family, but it has given us the opportunity to learn how to teach in the Savior’s way. And as life has gotten crazier over the past few weeks, coming together on Sunday to worship has provided a time for our family to reset, refocus, and re-affirm our belief in Jesus Christ.


Over the past few weeks, as we’ve engaged and dedicated more time into our home studies, we have found countless resources that have helped us bridge the age-gap when teaching to all of our children. And have assisted us in having a better understanding of the materials we’re studying. I’ve been asked on Instagram what we’re using to help teach our family. So I thought a blog post would be the perfect place to put everything and share the incredible resources and tools we use.



One of the main resources we use are the study companion guides from The Red Headed Hostess. Shannon Foster and her husband Tyson have put together numerous resources geared towards kids, youth, and adults. And each resource was created as a companion piece to the Come, Follow Me curriculum put out by the Church.

The Book of Mormon Study Guide for Kids & Youth uses story maps, trivia, and other learning activities to help kids understand what is happening and record what they are learning.

Every week there are four study pages.  The first page always has a place to record something from each chapter and a little icon they can color in as they finish their reading.  The other three pages are specific to those chapters and will help them to understand the storyline and learn a specific doctrine or principle.

Other highlights are:

  • A Plan of Salvation outline in the front that they can write notes on as they learn about each part of the Plan.
  • Places for mom, dad, or another person to write them letters about a specific doctrine or principle.
  • Color story maps to understand what is happening in specific stories.
  • Trivia activities.

They also have an additional Book Of Mormon Study Guide for Adults! Both of these resources are a 1-time purchase. Using the code TARA5 at checkout will give you $5.00 The Book of Mormon Study Guide for Kids & Youth, $5.00 off the Adult book, and $5.00 off the monthly subscription for your first month!

Weekly Scripture Kits – Monthly Subscription – 2020 Book of Mormon

This monthly subscription has seriously helped so much in our at-home study. Shannon has included more than you can use so that you can choose the best things for you and your family.  The monthly subscription gives you access to digital files every week that you can download and print as many copies as you need for your family.

Weekly Scripture Kits – Monthly Subscription – 2020 Book of Mormon

With this subscription you will always receive:

  • Study Pages (includes explanations, insights, marking suggestions, tips, scripture glue-ins, journaling pages, etc. for every chapter)
  • Bedtime Stories (illustrated scripture stories for children – includes engaging questions and activities under each picture)
  • Activity Pages and Marking Guides (help children dive into their own scriptures and learn scripture skills with these helps)
  • Book of Mormon Collectible Cards (they can earn these by learning and then answering the questions on the back)
  • Coloring pages, Review activities, illustrated glue-ins, scripture art prints, and more!


If you’d just like to subscribe to the monthly scripture subscription, you can get your first month 50% off when you use code TARA at checkout!


Each child has their own storage clipboard that has everything they need to study along, take notes, color and draw, and stay engaged during out study times. It also has that month’s subscription activity pages in it so they can follow along.


I’ve put in a set of scripture stickers from Line Upon Line for each of my kids to put in their scriptures as they follow along in their individual Book of Mormons.


I’ve tried to make the tools fun that they get to use each Sunday so they look forward to participating and engaging in the lessons.

CRAYONS (These are great for scripture marking because they’re soft and won’t tear your scriptures if you’re child presses too hard!)


All of these additional pages are part of the monthly subscription from Red Headed Hostess. Make sure you use code TARA to get 50% OFF your first month!


For individual study and so our kids can follow along as Braun and I teach, we’ve given them each a Primary Edition of the Book of Mormon from Line Upon Line.

Available in many colors and illustrated by Colorly Love, these are the full text of the Book of Mormon, made with the littlest Saints in mind!

They have wide margins for doodling or note-taking. And they also have

  • printed tabs on every page
  • a wipeable cover
  • ribbon bookmark
  • colorable endsheets
  • 15 coloring pages (one at the beginning of each book)
  • a Tree of Life reading chart

And pages to record a growing testimony. We’ve gifted each of our children one of their very own so they can follow along!


• • •

I hope this has helped give you an idea of how you can enrich your at-home lessons.  And to get your kids to engage more in family worship! If you have other resources you love, share them in the comments below!

Xx Tara

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