September Top Sellers

Red Aspen has been holding a spot here in the top sellers for a year now… crazy, right!?!? This has been so much fun! If you’re thinking of joining me, there’s a promo right now. HERE is the blog post with all the info!

There was 900+ sets sold of these!! SETS! that doesn’t even include the individual pieces that sold without the top or bottoms.. I can’t wait to start seeing lots of tags!! SWEATSHIRT | SWEATPANTS

If you’re looking for the women’s sizes, which also sold a ton, you can get them here!

Sooooo many of you ordered Geometry House Tea Towels! I’m not one for Halloween, so these towels were the perfect way to minimally decorate.

I’m honestly still blown away at the amount of you who purchased these, haha! I didn’t think that something so little would be a hit BUT we swear by these trimmers.. we’ve had them for quite a bit now and they’re still great. I use them on Braun + the boys.

Fall scents are coming to an end… you guys have sold Moji out and they’ve restocked a ton of times now buuuuuut they aren’t going to keep manufacturing them so grab while you can if there’s a scent you love.. I stocked up on amber harvest!!

These sneakers are so dang cute! You guys sold out Nordstrom the first time I shared but they finally restocked. I love this marshmallow color.

I wore this dress a bunch this month and I know you’ll see it a bunch more this fall. The material is so good. Perfect length and I love the sleeve length too. It does have two slits on the sides but they don’t go up super high. I have both colors! The darker one isn’t black, isn’t blue and isn’t gray.. Throw those together and it’s definitely whatever that color is though haha. I love it + obviously you guys do too. Over 1000 purchases!

Tons of you purchased new loopy cases – I’m assuming because either you have a new iPhone OR you really loved that opal leopard??? haha. I can only see purchases + I don’t see which. I would love to know your faves though.. The ones in the picture are my fall faves. You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple.

Not sure if the girls are taking orders for mask straps at this very moment but HERE is the link! Thank you all sooo much for supporting their small little business… I’m so dang proud of them for sticking with this now with in person school + sports!!

Wore this puff sleeve dress to church the other weekend and you guys went crazy over it! It’s super comfy + I love the long sleeves. Perfect for fall and into winter, and then again for spring! You’ll see me in this a bunch this fall.

I’ve totally embraced my “lube lady” title with pride, because soooo many of you have told me how much Coconu has changed the game for you and I’m so glad!! I really like the oil based kind, but I always suggest starting with the two pack and deciding what you like the best. My Code TARA is always active with them!

It’s not just a trash can, it’s THE trash can that made Braun replace basically every single trash can in our house. You guys have followed suit ha!

These pants are the best! I have them in multiple colors and even purchased the newest colors at Nordstrom… This green pair though has been 40% off for awhile now and so many of you took advantage! The black ones are on sale, too.

Lots of you have added this to your daily supplement routine! I recently added burn into my normal routine of Modere’s collagen. HERE is my post with all of the things I’m currently using + loving.

This apple slicer is the best and I laugh every time one of you reshare and tell me how much the first pop of the apple pieces scared you or how they went flying!! haha.

I’ve shared these jeans a bunch, you can scroll through the daily snap section of the site to find other washes… I have a few ha. Size up one to two sizes!! They’re a snug fit.

I’m still getting amazing feedback on the lip velvet and I’m so grateful for you guys!! They came out with some new colors. Although I didn’t pick allll of the colors (just these 5!) I helped with the whole process of the formula 🙂 You can use Code TARA at anytime on shine’s website!

Hope all of you who have purchased this bra are loving it as much as I do. It’s pretty much the only bra I wear now. Super, super comfortable. HERE is a blog post with all of my Tommy John favorites. Every now and then I have a code with them so try: TARA25… no guarantees though.

We’ve already reordered another bottle of this leather conditioner to have on hand – this stuff is THAT good. Lots of people suggested the leather cleaner by the same brand but we didn’t clean these before we conditioned. The before and after was crazy!!

Ahhh, these socks have like 26k five star reviews or something wild like that!! That’s what lured me in… at this point I’ve ordered them a bunch. they’re so good!

you guys sold Henry Clean out of one scent and almost out of the other!! There’s just a few bottles left. You can always try my Code TARA to see if the discount is still available. Hope you love the scents!!

I just barely shared these button pins, but a ton of you purchased!! Emery steals my pants and uses these to make them a little tighter on her. They don’t make the pants look funny at all, either.

Will this always be on the top sellers?? haha. I will have to update you all soon on how this loopy-capable car mount handles the iPhone 13 pro max!