Wanna Join Me!?!

This month (September) officially makes a year since I started this gig with Red Aspen… It’s been an unbelievable journey + I never expected fun “glue on nails” to land me here, National Brand Director. I’ve met some absolutely incredible women and enjoyed every second!!

Why Red Aspen??

Well first, the people.. the mission, the products. Obviously all of that. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a company who’s mission statement is “to inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose“?? Truly incredible. They stand by and never stray from that. Here’s a few other reasons:

  • 25-35% in commission – yep!!! Even on personal purchases you.. There’s plenty of commission to be made just by sharing the products with close friends or family.. but imagine what the power of social media could do for you?!?!
  • 10-16% back in free product – create a pop-up, and earn, earn, earn!
  • Earn monthly incentives and bonus – bonuses!? Sign me up. It’s so fun to reach goals along side some gal pals + earn money doing it.
  • Free website for the first 3 months – after that it’s only $8.99. Kill it on your dashing start + this can be covered in just a few boxes of nails sold.
  • No products to buy/sell – you definitely do not ever have to hold inventory unless you want to. How amazing is that?!
  • Orders ship by Red Aspen to your customer – no inventory, no shipping, no problems. If your customer happens to have a shipping mishap, you never have to worry about it!
  • Work from home – whenever you can, when you want, ALL online – have a phone?!? This business is endlessly possible for you. All you need is internet and a device and you’re ready to go.
  • Red aspen provides ALL necessary assets – you don’t have to worry about content. With so many launches, and endless options in the treehouse for posts and prompts, you’ll never be short of things to post.
  • The products are amazing! I use them literally every single day. I always have on nails + I am loving the new tanning line! + don’t even get me started on my fulfilled palette.. another product I use daily.
  • Transparency – transparency is key in every aspect of life, but even more-so when it’s a product you put in or on your body. Red Aspen strives on being completely transparent and you can always find an ingredient list on their site… the best part, mostly everything is made with super clean ingredients.

Is it hard??

This company works so dang hard to provide you with everything you could possibly need to be successful. Marketing images, content, heads-up on all the things. Sneak-peeks, weekly Facebook lives, you name it.. However, there’s a little extra for joining my team!

  • 3 Facebook pages with trainings dating back over a year
  • An instagram page (@savedbythenails) that posts all news + updates, new launches and is easily accessible by DM for any questions you may have
  • An option to opt-in to team-only text messaging to be informed when any new products launch or restock

It’s really important to recognize that you get out what you put in.. Although all of this is provided to you, you still have to do the nitty-gritty to earn! There’s no right or wrong way to sell, but my favorite is just exclaiming to the world how much I love them + letting them know when something ridiculously cute it available. Haha. I also make a lot of my own imagery in Canva using Red Aspen provided assets. I’ll put some examples below! The images of the actual nail dashes + lashes are provided to everyone by Red Aspen. What you do with them next is in your hands! You can definitely use them as is, or put your own spin on them.

How do I join?

Well, I’m glad you’re here now because there’s a major join promo happening right now!! Usually joining the team costs $49 minimum.. Right now through September 10th you can join for $23! My link to join is HERE! Included is: 3 month subscription to the website, welcome letter, onboarding checklist, branded cling, beads garden romance nail dash, branded rose gold necklace, promo for girls weekend + free shipping! You get a whole business AND perks for $23. Just skip a couple coffees and join us!!


If you decided to join, be sure to follow me at @savedbythenails + fill out this link so I can get you started with all of the trainings and email sign-up!

My Favorite Products (currently in stock)

Okay, fine… if you don’t wanna join me + just want to continue buying products you know and love, or want to try.. here are my current faves! Shop HERE!