Clean Simple Eats

Sweater Set | Blender | Bangles | Protein Powder

Have you ever been on the protein powder hunt?? Something that tastes good, not chalky, not gritty, actually good for you?? haha. That was me. Oh, also GLUTEN-FREE!! Fiiiiinnnnaaallllyyy, I found Clean Simple Eats. Every bag of protein has a recipe + a clean ingredient list on the back. PLUS with each purchase they email you 6 recipes, too! + yep, you probably guessed it. I definitely have a code for you guys!! Code: TARA saves you 10%!

Sweater Set | Blender | Bangles | Protein Powder | Bowls + Cups

You can go with one of their yummy recipes.. or just go simple like I do! 🙂

  1. Ice
  2. Protein Powder
  3. Almond/Regular Milk or Chocolate Milk or Water
  4. Sometimes some OffBeat Butter (another genius CSE product!)

Blend it up + that is it!

Sweater Set | Blender | Bangles | Protein Powder | Offbeat Butters

I drink these in the morning to add extra protein into my diet. It’s a super easy way for me to do so while also remaining gluten-free. I have a bunch of favorite flavors… Honestly, none of them are bad or gross, I just have preferences for:

Caramel Toffee


Bananas Foster

Sweater | Bangles | Protein Powder | Blender

They release seasonal/limited edition flavors often.. right now is maple donut! They came out with it in protein + offbeat butter.

Some of my other favorite Clean Simple Eats items are their recipe books! I sweat I have a huge stock pile of every one they’ve ever made haha. They have awesome treats, and whole seasonal inspired recipes and meal plans. They’re macro based if you count macros!! It’s incredibly helpful if you do.

They also have a bunch of supplements, too! Although I haven’t tried them, I’ve heard really great things. They are all gluten-free! Digestive Enzymes + probiotics are a staple in my routine, although I use other brands, the price point on these are great + I’m sure they are as awesome as I hear.

And lastly, they JUST came out with a pancake and waffle mix. For disclosure, it is NOT gluten-free… I will not be trying it, but my girls think it’s great. It’s packed full of protein and the flavor is great. They are coming out with syrups soon… shhhhhh.

What questions can I answer for you!!??! Let me know over on my feed post today. I’ll add all Q+A here 🙂