August Amazon

This month consists of some house refresh stuff, mask making stuff, back to school supplies + basic house supplies. A bunch of it is on subscribe + save.. do you know if you have enough things on there you get 15% off?? I’ve saved so much money doing that! Totally worth it for items like trash bags, bottled water, chapstick, etc that you know you’ll be buying consistently anyway. I will proudly say this month that so many of these items were finishes + fixtures for downstairs!! Hallelujah. Furthermore, Braun bought as much this month as me.

Fixtures + Finishes

1. Mirrors – I was SUPER nervous over these and if they’d look good or not. You guys know I have obviously had these feelings over the whole basement because to-date I’ve refused to make decisions on most of it hahaha. but I LOVE these! You can find a picture of them hung HERE.

2. Towel Hooks – Grabbed these for the downstairs bathroom too. They’re perfect for hanging robes, towels, etc! I grabbed two sets of these since it’s technically a double vanity/bathroom.

3. Towel Hooks – For the bathroom on the main floor of the house! We are putting the same mirror in there.

4. Garage Door Lock – I’m not really sure why Braun thought we needed this when I can’t even remember to shut the garage door…… remember that? haha. Still thanking my lucky stars that no one stole my car, wallet, our bikes… all the things haha.

5. Hand Towel Bar – I really loved this rectangle!! It’s perfect for hanging hand towels. This is the silver version, HERE is the black (#6) version. One for each bathroom.

6. Hand Towel Bar – see above 🙂 This is the black version.

7. Toilet Paper Holder – Have you seen this kind? Where you just swing open the center piece of the roll instead of pulling the center piece out?? So much easier.

8. Stadium Chairs – ummm, this really shouldn’t be in fixtures + finishes but oops, haha! These are the best for when we go watch Em!!

9. Trash Cans – Want a good laugh??? I saw these over on The Buy Guide + showed Braun.. HE immediately ordered FIVE of them. FIVE haha. Replaced all of our small trashcans. They’re that good.

10. Lights – these are for the theatre!! Braun found them and we immediately ordered. I cannot wait to get them hung up.

11. Blendtec Lid – I’ve had awesome luck with our blendtec.. We’ve had it forever and this is the first time we’ve replaced anything!

School Supplies

Bought a bunch of bulk supplies for the boys’ schools. Most of these are for that! I’ll just put a blurb next to things that aren’t for that purpose 🙂

12. Construction Paper

13. Pencils

14. Rocketbook Pen Holder – This is less exciting than the actual Pocketbook, I’ll explain that below!

15. Crayons

16. Colored Pencils

17. RocketBook Reusable Notebook – This notebook is actually super cool, you write on it, scan it with your phone and then save it with the Pocketbook App. This is the first time we are testing this out. The concept is super cool. Once you scan it in, you just wipe it off.

18. Expo Markers

19. Glue Sticks

20. Rocketbook Resuable Calendar – Same as 17.. but the calendar version 🙂

21. Pens – these are compatible with the Pocketbook

22. Packing Tape – for shipping our happy mail boxes! Yayyyy.


All of the following are for the girls’ mask strap business! Keep checking back because they restock as much as possible.

23. Beads – this is just one of *many* beads my girls’ added to their shop this month.. These, these, these + these.

24. Mailers

25. Clasps

26. Letter Beads – they also grabbed these in all letters!

27. Packing Tape – the cutest! This is actually for me. Haha.

28. Wire

29. NEW Clasps – the girls thought these would be super fun

30. Packaging – the girls put all mask straps into these cute bags before they go in the mailers

31. Shipping Labels

Other Things

32. Laundry Baskets – it’s a 6 pack!

33. Freezer Bags – did you guess it?? Yup, these are also on subscribe and save haha. Gallon size. I use them for everything, especially leftovers! I hate having one million Tupperware containers in the fridge. These are the Amazon brand and we’ve never had any issues with them leaking or anything!

34. Dishwasher Tablets – Subscribe + save for the win. We never run out of these.

35. Disinfecting Wipes – it’s a 3 pack.. lemon scent and fresh scent. Just the Amazon version of Clorox wipes for a little cheaper. The lemon scent smells like lemons, not lemons and chemicals.

36. Super Speedy Chargers – I’m almost positive that’s their technical term, too. They lay pretty flat against the wall which is nice because it fits well behind furniture. We now have 7 of these haha! They work super well on phones, my MacBook, iPad, etc! HERE is the iPhone 12 version.. we all have the 11.

37. Trash Bags – Do you like scented trash bags?? These are the ones we use! I feel like you’re either a hard yes, or a hard no on this topic haha. We have these on subscribe and save.

38. Apple Pencil Tips – We buy these ones off of amazon! They work just as well as the apple ones!

39. Pancake/baking Mix – I’ve also bought this 16 times.. it’s a pack of 3.. that’s a lot! It’s the best GF mix I’ve found. I have it on auto delivery every 4 months, so we go through a little under a bag a month. We are always out when I get the delivery

40. Lip Balm – This stuff is the BEST, I take it on every vacation

41. Burts Bees Chapstick – I also have this on subscribe and save! I just get the plain beeswax kind. The air is so dry here in Utah I have to put something on my lips at all times, the kids too.

42. Paper Bags – lunch things.. HERE is all of our faves.

43. Fiji Water – I’m not sure I love that Amazon tells me how many times I’ve ordered this haha. 71 times for a pack of 24 waters.. That’s a lot of water.