Target – New Arrivals

I got sucked into Target’s website after I posted my Target Home campaign stories yesterday and found the cuuuuutest new clothing arrivals. This isn’t sponsored, I just spent way too much time in there not to share with you guys haha! Pluuuuus I found some really cute FP Dupes… I don’t know the quality because I haven’t tried them, but the brands themselves are known to have good stuff! 🙂

Necklace | Earrings | Boots | Sweater | Tee | Pants

I don’t know about you, but I’m really liking the vintage sweater feels this season. I think they’re so cute! This one comes in a bunch of different colors but this taupe color really caught my eye! Paired with a white tee + these jeans?? Dreamy. The necklace set + earrings aren’t a perfect match but they’re pretty close.

I don’t love heels too much – but who can say no to a good pair of fall boots??

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants

I thought this was the cutest matching set + it looks so dang comfy. I love that the top is hooded and has those cute pockets! There’s a few color options available (even more than this graphic!). You can grab the TOP here, and the BOTTOMS here. I’m imagining these will be very true to size since there is no drop crotch, but the rise is still really good. XS-4X!

Sweatshirt | Joggers

These ribbed joggers are the cuuuuutest + the top is sooooo dang close to looking like a FP top!! I’m a sucker for a good pair of joggers. Loving the color options available in this – plus sizes are also available. XS-4X! The ribbing on the cuffs of the sweatshirt to tie it together is adorable. You can get the TOP here and the BOTTOMS here.

Sweater | Mules (sherpa) | Mules | Pants | Earrings

Maybe I have world’s most unpopular opinion – but I am here for the sherpa shoe trend. Are you with me?!?! I’ve seen so many different pairs lately and man, oh, man these guys are cuuuute! Of course, if you aren’t into sherpa, so are these woven ones.

This sweater has been shared by a bunch of my influencer friends!! I can’t tell ya if it’s good or not… buuuut they’ve all said so, so that means something, right? I ordered it haha! Love the neckline in it. It’s tunic length so you totally could wear with black leggings.

Shirt | Jeans | Sneakers | Necklace | Earrings

Whyyyy do they have to tie all shirts to show stomachs?? haha. Just so you know, this shirt not a miniature belly shirt. It fits exactly the same as my favorite FP tee. It’s a boxy fit and I recommend sizing up if you don’t love the cropped fit BUT the cropped fit is so cute with high rise jeans in my opinion, so I usually get TTS. I’m loving the fall colors available.

Try these shoes. Just do it.

I’ve recently become a huge fan of Levis! I haven’t tried these yet – but they’re straight jeans and I love the wash. They’re similar to the FP ones, just a little thinner in the leg + about half the price.

This necklace set is super cute. I love the paperclip chain look lately. These earrings – you know my crystal/stone loving self has them in my cart.

Pants | Shirt | Necklace | Earrings | Mules | Purse

These tapered pants come in a few different colors/washes and they’re adorable with or without a belt! The website has more photos you can see without on other colors. I love the straight leg fit.

Just a basic white tee – but it also comes in a bunch of other colors if you need a good, full length t-shirt.

I feel like I can never find a nude pair of mules!! They’re always black or cognac. Loving these ones. You could also wear with a cute pair of boots!

You can totally accessorize any outfit so easily at Target! This coin necklace is super cute and dainty, same earrings from above because they’ll match anything + here’s a tote bag 🙂

Sweater | Pants | Mules | Mules (sherpa) | Boots

So about those vintage sweaters, gosh! This one! I think everyone should at least give it a try. These pants are the same as the black ones!!

Say helllloooooo to these new dress arrivals!! Adorable. Three of them are t-shirt texture and that’s magical. The other is sweater material, but not scratchy or itchy. The fall/neutral color palette is amazing. You can tap each picture below to shop.

I like to wear long necklaces with plain dresses – I think this one would be cute with the sweater dress!

Hooded Quilted Jacket | Quilted Jacket

I mean… close enough for that price, right?!? Plus, more color options are available at target right now!