Current Makeup Favorites

Arguably the most FAQ.. my makeup routine/favorite products! This might be tied with what my girls use – but I did that post already HERE.

  1. Under-eye Concealer – If you’re wondering how I hide the giant bags under my eyes – here’s what I use! I do have one other product I use on the worst days (see #5) but on day-to-day use, this is what I use. I prefer the ultra creamy, the regular looked tacky + dry on my skin. My girls use this too! You can see their makeup faves HERE.
  2. Foundation – I don’t use a full foundation, most are too cakey looking for me and I don’t like that. I love shine cosmetics cc cream in the fall and winter. I wear the color indestructible. In the summer I switch over to IT cosmetics cc cream because it is SPF 50 and that’s so dang important for your skin!! Usually you can find a crazy good deal on QVC for it cosmetics stuff.. that’s where I buy mine and stock up haha. Right now they’ve got it on Black Friday sale prices HERE for two (plus try codes HOLIDAY or HELLO10 – if they don’t work, use a new email)! You totally could use shine year round and use something like this Tula sunscreen (code: TARATHUESON) first or this supergoop! It’s a lot easier to have it all-in-one, though.
  3. Bronzer – Love this Breezy Cream Bronzer from Tarte. I use the shade Seychelles. It’s a matte bronzer. If you haven’t tried a cream bronzer (or blush) its life changing. It goes on so easily and is super buildable. You can also get it at Sephora online.
  4. Blush – I’m a big fan of blush sticks.. Shine is my all time favorite, my top shades are: independent, witty and cherished. I also really like ilia brand, I use: I put a spell on you & at last. Both brands can be used on face + lips.
  5. Super Under-eye Concealer – If I’m having a *really* bad under-eye day, this is my go-to and I love it! It is really orange but it works magically to cover up the dark! I use this and then cover it with concealer (#1)
  6. Brow Products – Boy Brow is definitely a tried and true from Glossier.. even Emery uses this stuff. Recently I’ve found and shared this Inked Brow by Urban Decay… It’s supposed to last 60 hours but I don’t know if I believe that. It definitely is amazing for a full day, though. The brush is shaped like a micro blading brush so you can draw on realistic looking hairs. It’s super hard to find products in the auburn colors, so if you have any suggestions lemme know!!
  7. Highlighter – I use this Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter want in the color spotlight. It’s like a rosy shimmer color. It’s liquid, but the tube itself has a little brush on the end to apply it with. A little bit goes a long way here.
  8. Mascara – I have a few favorites.. Let me start off by saying I HATE any mascara that will leave black under my eyes and transfer. So I try to stick to tubing mascara. Tubing mascara rinses off under warm water in clumps and doesn’t get your eyes all dark during the day! 
  9. Primer – I use this face filter primer from Tula (code: TARATHUESON) . It has a dewy, glowy finish. There’s a few different tints that you can choose from, but don’t let that deter you because it’s pretty much just choosing your skin tone. It’s good for all skin types and doesn’t clog your pores! This makes a huuuuuge difference if you typically get acne because you wear makeup… it’s usually because you don’t wear a primer OR your primer is clogging your pores!
  10. Eyeshadow – I’m madly in love with Red Aspen’s Fulfilled Palette. It’s been my go-to since I started with Red Aspen over a year ago. The colors on it are so good. In the past couple of weeks they launched the new Golds palette which is also incredible (plus, less expensive if you just want to try out the formula and see if ya like it before splurging!)
  11. Eye Primer – I love this Mac Paint Pot because it cancels out all redness and gives me a good base to start my eyeshadow with! I use painterly or soft orchre. If it goes on sale anywhere else Nordstrom automatically price matches so I always check there.